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Re: Infobus on June 7th - Young Carers

Anything sport is my thing
//You can stay afraid, or slit the throat of fear and be brave//

Re: Infobus on June 7th - Young Carers

It's important to take time out as a young carer to look after yourself, what types of things do you do/can you suggest?

I don't know what you could do as there would probably be some limitations depending on how much of a carer you are if you know what I mean. I guess talking to people who are willing to help and support you is one thing and probably taking opportunities to have a break as well would be another thing.

Re: Infobus on June 7th - Young Carers

I have found that having regular time out really helps, rather than just leaving it until I really really need it. So I like to have baths with beautiful bath bombs, watch tv shows, go to the park with my pupper or just treat myself to something tasty. Time out is really important because we need to care for ourselves before we can care for others.

WE WANT YOU to tell us what kind of infobuses you'd like to see! Let us know here.

Re: Infobus on June 7th - Young Carers

That concludes our infobus tonight. I would like to thank @Sarah-Carers and @Daniel-Carers from Carers NSW for giving up their time to talk about being a young carer with us all tonight. Also thank you to everyone who got involved and talked about their experiences being a young carer or just wanted to know more.



We will be uploading the answers to your anonymous questions soon, so keep an eye out!


If you are a young carer and would like some support please call Carers Australia on 1800 242 636 or visit their website which you can find here

WE WANT YOU to tell us what kind of infobuses you'd like to see! Let us know here.

Re: Infobus on June 7th - Young Carers

Night everyone Smiley Very Happy

Re: Infobus on June 7th - Young Carers

Thanks everyone! Its been a blast - stay awesome!

Re: Infobus on June 7th - Young Carers

Thanks everyone Smiley Happy Have a good evening

Re: Infobus on June 7th - Young Carers

Tonight was great!1 Thanks to our special guests and everyone else who joined us.
//You can stay afraid, or slit the throat of fear and be brave//

Re: Infobus on June 7th - Young Carers

Thanks @Sarah-Carers and @Daniel-Carers for coming along! We are very grateful to everyone who has shared their experiences tonight! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Infobus on June 7th - Young Carers

Thank you so much for coming everybody! It was great to hear about your experiences, what you have learned from them and all the amazing support out there for young carers too! 


An extra big special thanks to @SmileMonkey @Sarah-Carers and @Dan-Carers for getting this chat together and joining us tonight !


Feel free to post in here or in the forums with any questions you have about being a carer or a young carer. Or check out the answers to the anonymous questions that were asked below Smiley Happy 


Gnite everybody! 



Is there any financial help available for young carers?

There are several government payments that you may be able to access. Here are a few that are most relevant to young carers.  

First there is a Bursary Program, which is a one off payment specifically designed for young carers to the value of $3000 which can be used for school related expenses.  As well as this there is also the ‘Carer Allowance’ which is a fortnightly payment for carers of all ages.  If you’re providing care to more than one person (e.g. a parent and a sibling) you may be eligible for additional assistance.  

If you’re no longer at school or in full time employment due to your caring role, you may be eligible for the ‘Carer Payment’.  This is can be claimed in addition to the ‘Carer’s Allowance’.  

If you identify as an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander studying or doing an apprenticeship and not currently receiving other government assistance, you may be eligible for ABSTUDY.  

Finally there is ‘Youth Allowance’ which is a fortnightly payment for young people who are studying, training or looking for work. Carers and non-carers can both apply for this payments. As well as financial help, you may be able to access other types of support.

All of this can be very confusing and overwhelming, for help understanding what support is available phone Carers Australia on 1800 242 636.

If somebody isn't officially recognised as a carer but still looks after somebody a lot does that still mean they are a carer?

Every caring situation is different and the word ‘carer’ can be confusing. Young carers are daughters, sons, brothers, sisters, granddaughters, grandsons, nieces, nephews, cousins and even friends! You might not use the term young carer to describe yourself so it could be hard to know if we are the right people to connect with. You don’t have to live with the person you care for, be the main source of care and support or receive the Carer Payment or Carer Allowance from Centrelink to be a young carer!

How do I know whether I'm a young carer? Is there a definition?

There sure is - Young carers are children and young people, 25 years or under, who help to support a family member or friend who has a disability, mental illness, drug or alcohol dependency, chronic condition, terminal illness or who is frail.

Remember, every young carer is an individual with unique circumstances and responsibilities. Although each caring situation is different, once you connect with the Young Carer Community you might find that you share some common experiences and challenges with other young carers. Being a young carer can be an amazing and rewarding experience but at times it can also be stressful, frustrating and just plain difficult. But the good news is that you don’t have to go it alone and help is available. So how do you get supported? That’s where we come in!



It would be good to talk to someone, how can I access counselling?

Seeing a counsellor is a chance for you to talk to someone about your life as a young carer and how this makes you feel. It will also give you the opportunity to work out some ideas for dealing with any challenging situations. It might feel a little weird in the beginning to share your feelings with a stranger, that’s totally understandable! However, you don’t need to worry, the counsellor will have experience working with young people and will have an understanding of the issues that young carers face.

Helping to care for a loved one can be quite challenging and many young carers experience a range of feelings about their caring role. You might feel happy, worried, upset, frustrated, isolated, stressed or angry and at times you might be unsure of how to deal with this roller-coaster of emotions. If you feel like you would like to have a really good talk with someone about the ups and downs of being a young carer, then our counselling program might just be for you!  To access counselling phone Carers Australia on 1800 242 636.


My brother is getting an NDIS plan, can I be included to get support?

The focus of the NDIS is people with disability. Carers cannot get a plan or individually funded support package for themselves. However, many carers of participants will benefit from the funded supports the participant gets from the NDIS. For example, they may get a break while the participant enjoys an activity they want to do, or while a support worker helps them with personal care. A participant’s plan may also include reasonable and necessary supports to help strengthen the carer in their caring role. For example, training about the person’s disability or family counselling to deal with challenging behaviours. It’s important to speak up about what support you need.

I am a young carer, but my school doesn't know.  Should I speak with my teachers for extra support?

Speaking to your teacher or school counsellor can mean opening the door to additional supports such as special consideration, permission to have your mobile in class and someone who understands what’s going on at home. Increasing your support network can also assist you linking in with local services.


I think this needs more awareness, how can I help spread the word?

There are many opportunities to help spread the message about young carers.  We estimate there are over 275,000 young carers in Australia, however this number would be a lot higher as many age groups are missed in data collection and young carers often do not self identify.  Raising the profile of carers can be done by school/workplace awareness sessions, media promotion, removing the stigma of caring by actively engaging with community members and encouraging people to self-identify.  


I'm actually not at school but working part time, is there any information I can provide to my employer about my caring situation?

As well as information Carers Australia can attend your workplace and run carer awareness training to assist employers in supporting carers in the workplace.  For more information please contact your local Carers association.  


What do you do if a friend might be a young carer?

Start the conversation.  Sometimes offering a friendly pair of ears can make a massive difference, but you’re not alone, reaching out for additional support is encouraged and can mean introducing the young carer to counselling, further information and support.