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[SPECIAL GUEST] Feeling anxious?

Everyone feels anxious sometimes – worried or afraid of something happening, or obsessed about something happening in a certain way. When that fear or anxiety becomes something that gets in the way of your life, doesn’t go away and causes you distress, that is when it could be a more serious anxiety disorder. 

When fear, worry and anxiety are interfering in your life, you need to do something about them to stop things from getting worse. It sucks when you can’t do everything you want to do and be everything you want to be because your anxiety is getting in your way but there are a ton of things you can do to manage and deal with it.


 Comic by Claire Jarvis



Join us right here on Thursday: June 18 at 9pm AET/6PM WST for an informal chat with our special guest, psychologist Alikkki Russell.


alikki.JPG Alikki says... 
"I am a psychologist in private practice in Newcastle NSW. I provide assessment and treatment for a range of mental health and disability conditions such as depression, anxiety, trauma and dissociation. I enjoy spending time with family, friends and my dogs and love going to the beach. On June 18th I'll be here on the forums to chat with you all about how you can get support for stress, anxiety & panic attacks".



If you have a question about stress, anxiety or panic attacks that you would like to ask Alikki anonymously, submit it here and we'll do our best to post her answer during the discussion!


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Re: [SPECIAL GUEST] Feeling anxious?

Hey there all and welcome to our June Infobus here on! We are really stoked to be joined by a new special guest, Alikki Russell (HI ALIKKI!) who is a registered psychologist working in NSW.  


Tonight, we’ll be asking you about your thoughts and experiences of coping with stress, anxious feelings and anxiety. It could be that you have tips for managing your own mental health and reaching out for support; or maybe you’ve got some ideas for supporting someone else in your life.


You might even just want to sit back and listen (make sure you say hi though!) – but tonight we’re acknowledging that it’s possible anxiety will touch your life in one way or another over the years so it’s best to be equipped with the knowledge and info to cope the best way we can.


I’ll be co-facilitating tonight with ruenhonx, one of our awesome peer moderators, as well as Alikki, our special guest. If at any stage you feel overwhelmed or upset by anything that happens in the discussion, know you can always have a chat with the legends at Kids Helpline (webchat or 1800 55 1800).

We’ve also received some anonymous questions about stress/anxiety that Alikki will be answering over the course of the discussion right here.


As always, please take note of the guidelines that help everyone feel safe & supported here: stay anonymous; no linking to other campaigns without permission and no descriptions of self-harm, suicide or abuse that might be triggering to others. There’s more guidelines, read them here.


OK, so to kick things off tonight here is the first question: how common is anxiety do you think, among young people in Australia?

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Re: [SPECIAL GUEST] Feeling anxious?

Hi everyone!


Re: [SPECIAL GUEST] Feeling anxious?

Hey guys! Looking forward to tonight


Re: [SPECIAL GUEST] Feeling anxious?

Hey @Alikki welcome to RO!


I think anxiety can come in many shapes and sizes.  Some is worse than others and some poeple just don't show it as well as others so it's hard to tell when there's such a diverse range of conditions.

Re: [SPECIAL GUEST] Feeling anxious?

Hey florenceforever! Thanks for joining us! What do you think, how common is anxiety?

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Re: [SPECIAL GUEST] Feeling anxious?

Me too florenceforever

Re: [SPECIAL GUEST] Feeling anxious?

Sorry if I disappear slightly sometimes. I have the Crows vs. Hawks game open in another window! Smiley Wink

Re: [SPECIAL GUEST] Feeling anxious?

hey everyone!

how common is anxiety do you think, among young people in Australia?

i feel like its getting more and more common amongst people my age, it seems like almost 1 in every big group of people (say 10) has an anxiety disorder, but that might just be cause i hang around all the same people.... :\
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Re: [SPECIAL GUEST] Feeling anxious?

Thanks FootyFan26, and you're right it does come in many shapes and sizes, and people do handle it and display it differently. Estimates are 1 in 10 young people suffer from an anxiety disorder... Thats a lot.