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Re: [SPECIAL GUEST] Wear It Purple

And if anyone wants more info, then we have a whole section on:


and one on



And once again, if you are struggling with anything to do with your gender, sex or sexuality then it's a great idea to talk to someone so look up the support services in your state, or use the national helpline QLife - webchat or phone

Online Community Manager

Re: [SPECIAL GUEST] Wear It Purple

Goodnight all! Stay rainbow!

Re: [SPECIAL GUEST] Wear It Purple

wait we can skype in? omg that awesome, me and kya are both busy that day and would love to either find another day or try and at least get a glimpsee of the meeting. ill be sure to facebook message your page to get more info

Re: [SPECIAL GUEST] Wear It Purple

I don't have Skype! Smiley Very Happy I'm not SUPER keen anyway. I'm just interested.

Take care and keep doing what you're doing cause it's great!