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Re: Sex: myth busters!

So, here's a bit of a summary of tonight's discussion!



We started off talking about porn, and how it compares to real life sex. Everyone agreed that porn is NOT a realistic representation of what sex is generally like, because porn isn't real - it's over the top, staged, dramatic and set for the camera. While porn might make sex seem perfect, everyone agreed that the unrealistic sex that porn shows is worrying when it sets up unrealistic expectations of ourselves and each other. There were a few awesome videos about porn vs real sex shared - check them out here and here


Next we talked about how porn can shape our thinking about sexual relationships, acts and interests. Again, people expressed that porn can make people feel like they're not doing sex 'right', or that they should be capable & comfortable of doing the things they see in porn. Not true! A couple of people mentioned that perhaps this is because young people often rely on porn as a learning tool for how to have sex. Moral of the story: porn is not real, there is no 'right' way to have sex: don't expect sex to be like it is in porn!



Then we moved on to talking about condoms. Everyone agreed that regardless of the level of pleasure with/without condoms - safety comes first. Noone wants an STI, or an unexpected pregnancy. There are loads of different types of condoms, and it's important to talk with your partner about what works best for you. Like a scout: be prepared! If you're not using a condom, be aware of other kinds of birth control, and know about the risks of STIs. You can learn more about contraception here



After condoms, we turned to talking about casual sex. Is it possible to have a casual sexual relationship without someone getting hurt? It's hard, but with respect, good communication and expectation (from everyone involved), we agreed that it's possible to have a bit of fun without commitment. It's a fine line to walk though, so make sure you're being honest with yourself and your partner about what you expect from the relationship.



Lastly we busted some common sex myths! Here's the truths:

- the pill does not protect you from STIs, it only prevents pregnancy

- you CAN have an STI without showing symptoms: get checked!

- GPs CAN test you for STIs - read more about sexual health here

- first time sex doesn't always hurt. Find out more about having sex for the first time here

- men are not always more interested in sex than women - everyone is different

For more sex-myth busting, read this article or check out this cool interactive sex-myth buster!

Re: Sex: myth busters!

Thanks for summarizing Gail!

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Re: Sex: myth busters!

Thanks to everyone who joined in our convo tonight. We really enjoyed hearing what you had to say. To those who looked on or who will look at this later, we hope you got something out of it too! If you want to read more about sex myths, check out these websites: (a guide to sex myths), (more myths!), (yet more myths - men vs women...), and (10 most outrageous myths). Stay safe peeps and check out our FB page: Smiley Happy

Re: Sex: myth busters!

No worries, thanks to everyone who joined in! And special thanks to YEP crew for helping us out!

Re: Sex: myth busters!

Thanks everyone! Great convo xx

Re: Sex: myth busters!

Thanks YEP crew! Bye everyone!

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