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Re: [Special guest] We're rebuilding, help us make it awesome.

Hey guys! All very great ideas.. as I write this from my mobile, I am sitting here like "Yes!!! It isn't just me". It made me laugh too! Especially the signature thing, I always think "wait how is that related... oh"

I won't recount the ideas, they were awesome! I will just add any brainstorms I've had while reading this ☺️

I think the mobile interface could benefit from having a popup to tag people!

Also, potentially 'events' or something to show upcoming GR or Infobuses or anything that we want people to get super involved in.. the events could be shown on mobile and the web version too.

This may come under a notification sort of theme but it could also have a "since you last logged on".. and have a summary of some description?

Love our work here guys, you are all the best ☺️

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Re: [Special guest] We're rebuilding, help us make it awesome.

Omg I'm so late to the discussion but I think a lot of great points were raised! Some of my thoughts:


  • I can understand @FootyFan26's point about the ranks being a bit tricky to implement, and the worry that having awards for frequent users can make other users feel bad. Plus, I reckon it would be better to reward according to post content (i.e. super supportive/positive posts) rather than posting volume. Idk how to implement that through the forums outside of what we normally do, which is High-Five the bejeezus out of great posts
  • I think the gamification idea is pretty ace!
  • Re linking the forums to the factsheets, it would probably go a long way if the factsheets were relevant to what people post in the forums. I don't use factsheets much anymore mostly because they aren't relevant, so maybe having a plan about new content which is strongly influenced by the kinds of discussions people are having already?
  • Also w/ the resources, I've been thinking about a service directory-type thing as well, and having it on the side would be super convenient (I can't remember who suggested that lol). Maybe a search function in it? Idk if that's been suggested already



Re: [Special guest] We're rebuilding, help us make it awesome.

I like all of the ideas so far as well!
I like those dot points as well @safari93!

On the point of ranks, I think it is a good idea to judge based on the content, but I know it's a good incentive for people to get online and contribute to society. I'm easy either way on this Smiley Happy

Re: [Special guest] We're rebuilding, help us make it awesome.

Hey everyone! So many super ideas! Smiley Very Happy


If you didn't make it last night and have some awesome ideas for the new forums, below is a handy-dandy list of questions from last night's session. A summary will be posted some time too.


Now for the questions!

Does anyone have any examples of forums, chat rooms or Q&A websites that you think work really well? 
What is it about them that you love? Is there anything ReachOut could learn from these? 


What do you love most about the current reachOut website or forums and the way they work that will be important to keep?


Is there anything that you find frustrating or confusing about using the ReachOut website or forums that will be important to improve?  (think more about the functionality and the way it works rather than the discussions you have or people you talk to)


One idea is to “gamify” the forums a little bit more (e.g. giving people rewards for posting like badges or ranks, recognising people for contributing to the forums).  What do you guys think about that?


Is there anything extra we do to make the ReachOut website really inclusive and welcoming for people from all different backgrounds and life experiences?


Thinking big - If you could do anything at all on the forums (not worrying about limitations like time or money), what are some features you would add?


It’s important that the forums give people a place where they feel like they are not alone, where they feel supported and a little bit more hopeful.  Remembering that some people will come to the forums to read and others will come to post, what do you think it the best label for this section of the site? This section being the section where we help users feel more supported and more hopeful.

Options include: (please feel free to add your own ideas!)

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At the mod workshop, all the mods came up with a bunch of ideas listed below. Does anyone agree or disagree with these points?  Would you add anything else?

  • It is currently frustrating to have to refresh page in order to see new posts.  It would be good to have a live feed.
  • The forums could be improved on mobile phones e.g. it is currently difficult to tag users and link to content on the mobile forums
  • We need to make the sections of the forums and the labels clearer
  • It would be great to improve notifications e.g. when you sign in see new notifications rather than receiving emails
  • Tagging posts (not tagging usernames, but actual tags like in instagram

Re: [Special guest] We're rebuilding, help us make it awesome.

Hi everyone, 


Just wanted to say another thanks.  I've pulled out some of the common things from this discussion that work well, that could be improved and some great ideas about how we make the site more inclusive. 


Thanks @Stealth_ninja@T4ils@safari93 and @Alison5 for your excellent comments after the discussion ended


Ben or I will follow up about next steps Smiley Happy