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Re: AMAA: LGBTIQA+ ReachOut Edition

Yay! Such a great chat... now back to my essay hahah.
Thanks so much @Bre-RO and all the staff! Heart

Re: AMAA: LGBTIQA+ ReachOut Edition

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Whooops! I almost forgot this one last question I was saving for the end and it should not be left out because it's a really important one. 


How can someone be a good ally? How would you like to be supported?


Being a good ally to the LGBTQIA+ people in your life, and to gender and sexual minorities more broadly, might feel overwhelming at first. But if you are starting from a place of kindness and openness, you will find that it is hard to go (too) wrong. 


Every individual has different ways of living their queer identity and wants different things from the allies in their life. Listen when queer people tell you about their experiences and the supports that they need. Draw on what you hear to educate yourself, especially if you have a question that you don’t know the answer to - google is your friend here! The key is to be open to feeling a little discomfort, challenging a few of your ideas, and knowing that it's ok to get it wrong sometimes, so long as you keep trying. 


The thing is, I don’t want good allies. 


I want amazing allies. I want incredible allies. 


Moreover, I want to be an incredible ally. Being queer doesn’t mean I know everything there is to know about being a member of a minority community! As a cis, White, slim, able bodied, middle class queer woman, I want to be an ally to people within my community and beyond who are fighting against racism, classism and transphobia (to name a few).


To me an incredible ally is someone who goes beyond standing with me as a queer person, who will act with me to recognise and dismantle the many ways that our society is built for straight, cis people. For queers like me, who move through the world with a great deal of privilege, it is vital to not only ask for others to be allies, but to become allies ourselves. Experiences of sex, sexuality, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, immigration, body size, disability, class and more all intersect in unique ways. These sites of privilege/oppression are not the same, but they can be the basis for empathy, and for understanding that the struggle for a queerer world  is empty if we leave other structures of inequity intact along the way. 


- Katherine, Research Team 


Re: AMAA: LGBTIQA+ ReachOut Edition

Thank you all again Heart I will be passing on to all the staff members how valuable their insights were. Enjoy the rest of your night everyone Smiley Happy 

Re: AMAA: LGBTIQA+ ReachOut Edition

That sounds like a great inspirational speech -- almost like a TED talk ahah I love how it's written! So important, not just for the LGBT+ community but for other minority communities as well!

Re: AMAA: LGBTIQA+ ReachOut Edition

@Bre-RO Thanks for this. As someone who is confused about their sexuality (whether I'm asexual or not) this thread has been insightful and thank you to everyone who has contributed and shared their experiences on here

Re: AMAA: LGBTIQA+ ReachOut Edition

@Bre-RO  I really liked Katherine's response, especially when she said that being part of the community doesn't necessarily make you an expert on everyone's experiences because everyone is different, and that queer people have much to learn from each other.

Re: AMAA: LGBTIQA+ ReachOut Edition

Lol back to uni work for me too @Hozzles :smilelylol:

And no worries @Bre-RO the more questions the merrier Smiley Tongue

Yes we should all strive to be incredible allies regardless of what communities we belong in because we can all learn more about each other!

Re: AMAA: LGBTIQA+ ReachOut Edition

A little late to the party, but loved reading everyone's responses! Thank you for organising this! Smiley Happy)

Re: AMAA: LGBTIQA+ ReachOut Edition

Hey all, 


Just had to say how much I absolutely loved this AMAA! There's SO much gold here it's hard to know how to unpack it all, I think I'm going to be revisiting this a few times to soak it all in, and I'm going to be honest and say I teared up a few times reading the conversation here. 


I definitely want to be the best ally I can be, and for me it's so important to constantly keep learning and listening. I especially loved the conversations about intersectionality (SO IMPORTANT!) , hearing about how people's journeys with their sexuality and gender identity are so  nuanced and complex and people's experiences with their families. 


Thanks so much to everyone for being so honest and vulnerable here- so grateful to be part of such an amazing community 


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Re: AMAA: LGBTIQA+ ReachOut Edition

Hey all thanks for your kind words and your amazing insights in response to my answer, I loved the one about multiple truths can exist and connecting the past with the present. As promised here is Jakey, I dressed him up for Mardi Gras