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Re: AMAA: LGBTIQA+ ReachOut Edition

Express Yourself GIF by MOODMAN


I love love love this question. There are so many ways to express yourself and we got an amazing response to this question: 


What are some fun ways to express my identity?


THERE ARE SO MANY!!!! For me, I’m an obnoxious outrageous glittery sort of queer. So that means transforming into my drag persona  both for shows and parties, wearing colourful costumes, makeup and most importantly sequins as often as possible. It means putting on gay anthems and (chair) dancing to them with friends, and for me it also meant getting some permanent ink on my bicep to really remind myself of who I am.


But you don’t have to embrace glitter and sequins (and permanent body modification!) to express your identity, because the great thing about the queer community is that it’s so diverse. I have friends that perform at queer comedy or storytelling nights to express themselves, others who use protest and grassroots organising, and many who write as a form of identity expression.


You can make your name or avatar in your fave video game a little queer, choose to only read queer authors this year or bring your rainbow drink bottle to the gym every time you workout. Doing some of these things might be scary the first time round, so if you have somebody you can get to either try it with you or be there to chat to then that’s an ace idea. 

The great thing about being queer is that you get to choose what the identity means for you, and it doesn’t need to be the same thing forever. Have fun and play around with what feels right for you!


- Annie, Content Team 

Re: AMAA: LGBTIQA+ ReachOut Edition

@Lost_Space_Explorer5 they will come to you in time, I'm sure Smiley Happy 

Re: AMAA: LGBTIQA+ ReachOut Edition

The name Jake reminds me of Jacob from twilight Smiley LOL And when bella would always shout "JAKE!" That series was so funny. I always laugh when I think of scenes from it- like when bella wakes up screaming in the most guttural way- that acting though. Anyway where were we that was a bit of a tangent 😅

Re: AMAA: LGBTIQA+ ReachOut Edition

Smiley LOLSmiley LOL hahahaa omg @Lost_Space_Explorer5 i loved that film but the acting gets me too 

Re: AMAA: LGBTIQA+ ReachOut Edition

I'd love to perform in drag one day! Smiley Tongue So true that you can be as extravagant or as quiet as you like. My friend sometimes worries she doesn't 'look queer enough' so she wears a rainbow wristband everywhere hahah. Just do whatever feels natural!

@Lost_Space_Explorer5 hahahah for some reason I've really grown to love the Twilight movies recently and I'm not even sure if it's in an ironic way anymore Smiley LOL

Re: AMAA: LGBTIQA+ ReachOut Edition

I've got glittery shoes! That's it though! Smiley LOL Maybe I should branch out Smiley Tongue

@Bre-RO I sure hope so, I feel like I don't belong in any community because I haven't had any relationships before Smiley Sad But like I know that's not true. I feel like I can't know what my label is unless I have some sort of 'experience' first. But like I wouldn't expect other people to have experience? I think I just like to second guess and confuse myself and can't deal with uncertainty

Re: AMAA: LGBTIQA+ ReachOut Edition

They're kind of so bad they're good @Hozzles. My favourite movie is Vampires assistant and that movie is sooooo bad. But I love it Smiley LOL Okay now I'm starting to make myself look like I'm obsessed with vampires... I'm not!

I love the sound of your friend's rainbow wristband!

Re: AMAA: LGBTIQA+ ReachOut Edition

Me too @Hozzles I so admire people who get up and do drag. I have been more of a quiet gay...but maybe one day that will change as my confidence grows. 


And I have heard that so many times... I used to be worried that I didn't come across gay so I totally relate to your friend. The pride wristband does the trick, subtle but powerful all at once Smiley Happy 


And @Lost_Space_Explorer5 I think you are totally not alone with the thought that you have to have an experience first. As you said, you wouldn't expect that from others but we often put more pressure on ourselves than what we would ever dream of putting on other people. It's okay if it takes time, as the comments at the beginning of the chat said - be kind to yourself, you'll work it out Heart 

Re: AMAA: LGBTIQA+ ReachOut Edition

@Bre-RO  I love all the different ways of expressing queerness Annie suggested.
@Hozzles  I also agree that you can be as bold as you like, or as subtle as you like. I recently bought some subtle pride pins and a lanyard that can be reversed to have subtle or more bolder colours.

Re: AMAA: LGBTIQA+ ReachOut Edition

gay pride rainbow GIF by Capital Pride | Have Pride 365!


Love this question and the response Smiley Happy 


What is something that makes you feel proud to be part of the LGBTIQA+ community?


There is so much to be proud of!


In our community you can be whoever you truly are – an introverted accountant, a brash tradie or a flamboyant drag queen. It doesn’t matter and there is space for everyone. There are no wrong answers.  


I’m proud that despite the struggles we face our community is determined to fearlessly live our lives and to celebrate our pride and diversity.


I think it’s great that through Mardi Gras we recognise our history and that the freedom we enjoy today was built by the sacrifice of the 78ers and those that risked their lives and careers to be their true selves.


It takes real strength to face homophobia and discrimination and not retreat – but to stand up for yourself, your friends and the whole community. Too many of us are still doing that today – but the fight for equality has never been easy and we should be proud of the change we’ve driven to date.   


I’m proud of our community’s determined spirit, optimism and the absolute sense of fun we bring to life. 


- Ben, Leadership Team