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AMAA: Reframing Autism

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This month we are doing something special for neurodivergent folks out there! It’s time to have a chat about the unique mental health challenges that are faced by the autistic community. 


We will be joined by Ginny from Reframing Autism -- an organisation that has such a powerful mission statement, I thought I would include it below. 


“At Reframing Autism, we want the Autistic community to be included, embraced and valued. 

We want Autistic people to be active citizens.

It is our mission to help our community achieve these goals.

At Reframing Autism, we nurture Autistic identity and culture.

And we celebrate diversity in all its forms.”


Reframing Autism provides autistic led: 


  • support + education
  • research + resources
  • leadership + advocacy. 


If you want to check it all out I highly recommend jumping onto their website, checking out their podcasts and reading their articles. 


On Tuesday the 20th of April we will have the privilege of having a two hour live chat with Ginny. As always, send through all your burning questions and we will go through them together between 7pm - 9pm. 


Re: AMAA: Reframing Autism

Wooo! Can someone tag me into the conversation when it happens?

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Re: AMAA: Reframing Autism

Absolutely @Tiny_leaf looking forward to having your company on the night 

Re: AMAA: Reframing Autism

Excited for this AMAA! Can't wait to hear from Ginny! Smiley Happy

Re: AMAA: Reframing Autism

Ooh! ME! ME! ME! ME! Smiley Very Happy
Can someone please tag me into this when it starts? Its a school night, but I wish to join if I remember it! Smiley Happy