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AMAA: With Saltwaterdreamtime

This month formerly Ask A Pro Live is getting a makeover - welcome to Ask Me Almost Anything. Same event but different name which highlights the value of having these discussions with peers as well as professionals. 


First Nations Naidoc GIF by Indigenous Grapevine



This month we are doing something super special. We are really excited to kick off the event name change by talking to a leader in our community here on the forum. This is someone who has been part of the ReachOut family for a very long time and someone we are really proud of. 


Our very own @Saltwaterdreamtime is our guest for this months Ask Me Almost Anything! Shoot through your questions as we will be chatting about their journey with mental health and experience as a proud Arrernte man. Read saltwaterdreamtime's bio below: 


"I go by saltwaterdreamtime and I am a 25 year old Arrernte man living in Wadawurrung country. These two places are so different but mean so much to mean in different ways, and I can’t wait to be able to tell you more about why they are special to me. I’ve been using Reach Out for about 6 or 7 years now, it has been a really big part of my journey through difficulties with my mental health. I’ve lived with a number of mental health issues for a long time, and although I still have some bad days sometimes I know how to look after myself and what I need to do to manage my wellbeing, and keep on top of it.


I feel my time with ReachOut has been a huge part of that. I’m really really looking forward to being a part of this chat, NAIDOC week is a great opportunity for me to show off one of the things that is most important to me which is my culture."


I'm looking forward to this one and I bet you all are too. We will be chatting this Thursday the 12th of November, so get your questions in fast and set a reminder to join in. 




Join us LIVE November 12th 7pm - 9pm AEDT

Re: AMAA: With Saltwaterdreamtime

Awesome! I’m looking forward it. Make sure you send in those questions, this is how I will be answering them.

Re: AMAA: With Saltwaterdreamtime


HAHAHA who I am kidding!? It will definitely be more like this. 

Re: AMAA: With Saltwaterdreamtime

So excited to for this one, can't for you to share with us about your culture @Saltwaterdreamtime 

Re: AMAA: With Saltwaterdreamtime

Hahaha @Saltwaterdreamtime that's taking multi-tasking to the next level 

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@Bre-RO Which one? Both those GIFS are pretty accurate representation of my life. I have been home the last few days doing my admin/child entertaining because my partner is not well and I just had a plastic toy fishing rod shoved up my nose, i though the covid test went far up there.... oh no I was wrong. 

Get your questions in! I’m keen as a bean, also just had a coffee and it generally sends me a little bit wacko for a couple of hours. I definitely DO NOT require energy stimulants and I should be banned from buying them. 

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Hahahah @Saltwaterdreamtime the first one I didn't see but just clicked on the link then. If that is your life is two gifs than I would need energy drinks hahah

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Good evening everyone! We’re going to be going live in about half an hour for our very special NAIDOC week Ask Me Almost Anything with our very special guest @Saltwaterdreamtime ! We’ve had some really interesting questions come through that I can’t wait to hear the answer to. 


NAIDOC Week 2020—Always Was, Always Will Be - Library Connect


I’ll be logging on tonight from Gadigal land and want to pay my deep respects to the longest living culture, tonight, this week and always. Always was and always will be Aboriginal land.


I'm going to tag some peeps here who might be interested in joining our chat tonight @Ladybug @Tiny_leaf @techperson2020 @D4vids0n1997 @hunginc @kutekitty01 @MB95 @Hozzles @WheresMySquishy @Tay100 @November13 @StormySeas17 @sunnygirl606 @wanderingwasp @panda_6940 @James99 @Bento @Maybel9595 @featuringme @Sunnybear @Wolfie_  @squiggly @recharging_introvert @JullyBean @Bingo1234 @Anzelmo @A_Friend @Emlo @GioDes @chillspace @belski @beabea @mol1912 @Macaria @Liliann @Shazam @Spicypumpkin 


Speak to yáll soon!

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Re: AMAA: With Saltwaterdreamtime

Before we get started, I just want to remind everyone that if this chat brings up anything distressing for you that there is support that you can get right now - 

You can call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800 or use their webchat and email services found on their respective sites. The links can be found here.



Re: AMAA: With Saltwaterdreamtime

Hi all