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Re: Ask A Pro Live: Bi-Visibility

I really like how you pointed out that there are different kinds of attraction. I think that's a really important thing to mention Smiley Happy 


That's a good question @scared01 - I'll let @AnthonyBisexual answer but think we have a question later that will help us to explore that in more detail. 



Re: Ask A Pro Live: Bi-Visibility

thank you @AnthonyBisexual

great! @Bre-RO sounds good
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: Ask A Pro Live: Bi-Visibility

@AnthonyBisexual There are some really wonderful things about being part of the Bi community! We did have a member who had a really important question about some of the challenges associated with being Bisexual. 


What are some myths about bisexuality?

Re: Ask A Pro Live: Bi-Visibility

Hey all! And nice to meet you, @AnthonyBisexualSmiley Very Happy I'm glad I could pop in, as a member of the LGBT+ community myself I've seen so much discrimination towards bi people even within the community. Creating awareness is very important, as we're all in this together!


Just going to take a moment to catch up on the posts, ahah!

Re: Ask A Pro Live: Bi-Visibility

ok, great. This question is super important because bisexual people can often believe some of these myths because they are commonly used against us

Myth: Bisexual people are confused and need to 'pick a side'
This suggests that bisexuality is not a real sexual orientation and that picking either gay or straight (what we call monosexism) is what needs to be achieved.

Bi people are not confused about their sexuality any more than gay/ lesbian/ straight people are with theirs.


Myth: Bisexual people are promiscuous or slutty or only interested in sex

This is particularly harmful for bi people because being sexually objectified like this can make you a target for sexual harassment and abuse, especially for femmes and female bi+ people, but definitely also for masc and male bi+ people. 


De-humanising someone to a sexual object or thing is often the first step to justifying abusive behavior towards that person and we now know that bi+ women are a high risk group for this type of abuse, especially in intimate relationships


Being promiscuous or slutty is not about someones sexuality 
Usually non-bi people are the ones confused about bisexuality hehe!

Re: Ask A Pro Live: Bi-Visibility

Hi @Hozzles! So glad you could join this chat! Smiley Happy

Re: Ask A Pro Live: Bi-Visibility

discovery channel lol GIF

Re: Ask A Pro Live: Bi-Visibility

Welcome @Hozzles happy to have you here with us Heart 


@AnthonyBisexual Thank you for pointing that out - it would be so hard when you start to internalise the stereotypes/discrimination that is put out there by people who don't understand bisexuality.

Re: Ask A Pro Live: Bi-Visibility

@AnthonyBisexual ugh, yes! One thing that annoys me the most, which is kind of related, is the term 'gold-star lesbian'. I see it go around a lot in the community. Like, you're somehow 'less gay' for being with men as well? It's frustrating! Smiley Sad


I love the what you said about 'bi people aren't confused, everyone else is confused about bi people' So true!

Re: Ask A Pro Live: Bi-Visibility

@AnthonyBisexual You've touched on some of what can put Bisexual people at risk in your last response and we had a question that could expand on that below. 


What are some of the reasons why members of the bisexual community are more likely to experience mental health issues than some other members of the LGBTQIA+ community?