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Re: Ask A Pro Live: Bi-Visibility

No problems at all @xXLexi_Lou122Xx Heart 

Re: Ask A Pro Live: Bi-Visibility

@AnthonyBisexual Yeah! I've actually seen some people attempt to do that in the past. Like, 'I'm 25% gay and 75% straight'. I'm not even sure how something as fluid and intangible as sexuality can be measured in percentages...

Re: Ask A Pro Live: Bi-Visibility

One of the reasons I especially love going to pride is seeing all the different flags i.e. the unique bi, trans, asexual, etc flags. A brilliant reminder of separate micro-communities coming together into one and showing solitary! I wish there were more resources for people that don't quite identify as either gay or straight, though.

Re: Ask A Pro Live: Bi-Visibility

Hopefully, this thread can serve as a place for bi+ people to connect without fear of biphobia! As I mentioned before I will post some resources on how you can connect with bi support and community Heart 


@scared01 touched on this question before and we thought this was a great one to hash out a little further if you have anything else to say on this @AnthonyBisexual 


What's the difference between bisexuality and pansexuality?

Re: Ask A Pro Live: Bi-Visibility

This is very Victorian-based. But you can add:

Sydney Bi+ Network

Brisbiane Bi+ Network

Perth Bisexual Community Group

Victorian Bisexual/ pansexual/ multi-gender attracted (Bi+) community stuff:

Bi Alliance Victoria run monthly support groups for Bi people, their partners, friends, family members and allies: You can find them at

The Melbourne Bisexual Network (MBN) is a professional peer volunteer network and we have a number of projects that we work on at any given time. You can contact them to find out more about their 40+ Bisexual social group. MBN can be found at

Monthly social gatherings and community connection for bisexual/ pansexual people is something MBN advocate for and support, we have a FB page that many of our members use, this is facilitated by the MBN president Ruby. Online conversations occur on this Facebook page regarding bisexual people, family, friends and allies. You are most welcome to join to connect with others. You can check out the Bisexual Community Facebook group where these social events and other things are discussed:

Melbourne's LGBTI radio JOY 94.9 FM you can listen to the Triple Bi-Pass show every Tuesday night at 9pm for more information on our bi+ community. You can check out the podcasts at

Thorne Harbour Health will be offering an 8 week therapeutic group for Bisexual/ Pansexual/ multi-gender attracted people later this year. The group is called Bi+ & Mighty and details can be found at

Australia wide:

Another great Australian resource is Bi+ Australia where you can find a range of information and resources all aimed to support people who identify as bi+ and their families. They also provide bi-inclusive online counselling and other supports. Go to

Re: Ask A Pro Live: Bi-Visibility

@Hozzles  I love seeing all the flags too! Smiley Happy I always try to see if each micro-community is represented and get annoyed when they leave ones out.

Re: Ask A Pro Live: Bi-Visibility

Thank you for mentioning Asexuality, people can have no sexual desire or attraction but feel romantic attractions to people of all genders #asexual/biromatic

Re: Ask A Pro Live: Bi-Visibility

This has been a really cool chat to read through! Loved hearing your insights so far @AnthonyBisexual Smiley Very Happy Heart

We had a live chat on Accessing Mental Health Support Online! Smiley Very Happy Check it out here! Heart

Re: Ask A Pro Live: Bi-Visibility

There is a very nuanced difference but bisexuality is the attraction to people of your own gender and other genders and, pansexuality is the attraction to people regardless of their gender (so its about the person not their specific gender), does that make sense?

Re: Ask A Pro Live: Bi-Visibility

@WheresMySquishy me too! Also, it's usually funny as there's always about four different kinds of lesbian flags, haha.

@AnthonyBisexual  of course! For most of my teenage life I thought I was ace, so I'm passionate about supporting those people (and the rest of the community) as it was a very lonely time for me. I emphasize with people struggling to find resources to help them through their journeys. 

Wow, thank you for your great collection of resources! Smiley Very Happy