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Ask A Pro Live: Creativity

Join Us!


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I’m super excited for this month's Ask A Pro Live because we are talking about creativity! Studies have shown that activities such as writing can help to process difficult emotions and painting and drawing can help people express experiences that are difficult to put into words. 

Being creative can mean so many different things and there are some very solid reasons why having creativity in your life has some rewarding effects on well being. An article written by Medical News Today goes into more detail, if you’re interested in having a read you can here


We wanted to delve into the idea of creativity being good for mental health and we found the perfect guest to have this live chat with. Rheanna Lotter is an artist and young person who has both accessed ReachOut as a service and has now come full circle and does art for the organisation. Below is a little more about our guest! 


"My name is Rheanna Lotter. I am a proud Yuin woman from the south coast. 

I grew up on Gundungurra Country in the Southern Highlands and am an active member within our Indigenous community. I have been painting since I was a young child, alongside my mother and sister. I named my business Ngandabaa (Yun-da-baa) after my grandfather Keith Thorne in 2014. 

I am extremely honoured to provide custom pieces to Individual's and companies around Australia and the world"


Rheanna has used creativity has a tool to manage mental health and connect with her culture. I feel super lucky that she will be making some time to chat with our community on Wednesday 3rd of June. I'm looking forward to hearing about the role creativity has played in everyone's lives and how we can use this powerful tool better in the future. 


Rheanna is looking forward to answering our questions about creativity and her experience as a Yuin woman and artist. 


Join us live on the 3rd of June from 7:00pm - 9:00 pm (AEDT). 

Re: Ask A Pro Live: Creativity

So excited for this. It's a very pressing topic for me since mental health has both inspired my creativity and has actively blocked it (e.g. fear of failure, perfectionism, lack of motivation...).

@Bre-RO -- I'm not sure if it's happening to anyone else, but I just wanted to let you know the forums not letting me submit questions right now! It's showing up 'Must be a valid URL'.

Re: Ask A Pro Live: Creativity

@Hozzles  That's happening for me too! I was going to post about it yesterday but I didn't have time.

Some questions I'd like to ask are:
- How can creativity improve our mental wellbeing?
- What are some easy ways that we can get creative, particularly for people who don't consider themselves to be very creative?
- What are some useful resources we can use to admire art or get creative while staying at home? For example, apps and websites.

It sounds like it's going to be a great chat! I'll try to be online for this. If I end up doing a medical test that day, I hope I can be well enough to join in later.

Re: Ask A Pro Live: Creativity

Thanks @WheresMySquishy and @Hozzles I fixed the form so it should be working now!! Hope to chat with you both on Wednesday night if you're up for it Smiley Happy 

Re: Ask A Pro Live: Creativity

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Happy Wednesday night everyone! We are going live in fifteen minutes with Rheanna Lotter who is joining us to chat about Creativity and Mental Health. Can't wait to get started @Ngandabaa 


Just going to tag some people who might be interested in getting involved tonight 


@WheresMySquishy @Hozzles @Bee @musicfan_xo @JazzInMay @ecla34 @natalie1234 

Re: Ask A Pro Live: Creativity

Thanks for the tag! I might be popping in and out, but I'll try to be around for the most part! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Ask A Pro Live: Creativity

Thank you for the tag! Similarly, I will likely have to be popping in & out as I am trying to get some work done, but I am interested to get involved in the conversation!

Re: Ask A Pro Live: Creativity

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Huge welcome to @Ngandabaa and thanks so much for joining us tonight to chat Smiley Happy 

Re: Ask A Pro Live: Creativity

No worries @Hozzles and @JazzInMay 

Re: Ask A Pro Live: Creativity

Hi @Ngandabaa! Nice to meet you! Smiley Happy