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Ask A Pro Live: Opening Up To Parents

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Opening up to parents/guardians/carers about mental health can be a really tricky beast. When we want to tell the people that care for us what's going on, it can be so difficult managing reactions and expectations. Preparing for these conversations with parents/guardians/carers can sometimes help to make things go more smoothly, but what is the best way to do this? And how can we get ready for conversation number two?!  What do you find hardest about having those conversations with your parents? 


This month our Ask A Pro Live event is with the ever-delightful @Janine-RO ! As Janine is a parent herself and a moderator in the ReachOut Parents Forum (as well as here with the cool kids), we are thrilled to have her share her wisdom with us about how to speak to parents about mental health and our experiences. A bit more about Janine here:


Janine has been with ReachOut for about 8 months now. She's super  passionate about mental health and has worked in disability research, community services and mental health amongst other things!  She has 2 kids, an 11 year old girl and 3 year old boy,  and raised her daughter as a sole parent for the first 4 years of her life. She probably stuffs up regularly as a parent but hopefully keeps learning every day. 


We're going to be focusing on how we can talk to our parents/guardians/carers about what we're going through, making the most of these conversations and looking after ourselves if things don't go as planned.


If you've got a question for Janine be sure to ask it in the google form below!


Looking forward to chatting with you all LIVE on August 20th 7pm - 9pm AEDT



Re: Ask A Pro Live: Opening Up To Parents

This is TOMORROW! Can you believe?! 

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Be sure to pop it in ya diaries/planners/phones/calendars/almanacs Thursday 20th August (Tomorrow WOW!) from 7pm - 9pm AEST   so you can log in and join the chat!



Get your questions in using the form above so the lovely @Janine-RO can respond with her thoughts and wisdom. 


I'm really looking forward to this chat, we've had some great thought provoking Qs coming through the form and I think there will be lots to discuss.


Tagging some peeps that might be interested - 

@Bee @Hozzles @WheresMySquishy @lokifish @N1ghtW1ng @JullyBean @StormySeas17 @Tay100 @ecla34 @AnnoyingCockatiel  @Smurf11412 @squiggly @Lizzy33 @Bananatime04 @November13 @Love_elmo77 



Re: Ask A Pro Live: Opening Up To Parents

Thanks @Hannah-RO ! 

I will try to hop on during the live session but I have been loving reading the forum during the few days following the live sessions when I haven't been able to pop on in the allocated time slot. Thanks for thinking of me and the others and letting us know!

Re: Ask A Pro Live: Opening Up To Parents

All good @JullyBean ! I actually really like doing that too - savoring the wisdom, if you will !

Re: Ask A Pro Live: Opening Up To Parents

@Hannah-RO thanks for the tag, I'll reply slowly tonight and catch up on Friday hopefully, I submitted a Q as well Smiley Happy

Re: Ask A Pro Live: Opening Up To Parents

We're going live with this chat in half an hour!


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The form is now closed, we have had heaps of really interesting questions come through, I am so keen to get @Janine-RO 's answers and have a discussion tonight about this topic. 


Tagging some peeps who are recently online if ya wanna join us! - @Lost_Space_Explorer5 @MB95 @Mia238 @November13 @TawnyOwl @lokifish @Saltwaterdreamtime @Bee @WheresMySquishy @Hozzles @Bananatime04 @LeapofFaith @Xenogenesis @Willlowtree @Tiny_leaf 


And just a reminder that although this thread is titled "Opening Up to Parents" tonight we're talking parents/carers/guardians/aunts/uncles/siblings/friends/grandparents/anyone in your life that cares for you that you might want to let know what's going on for you Heart

Chat soon peeps!


Re: Ask A Pro Live: Opening Up To Parents

This is gonna be such an interesting chat! I'm keen! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Ask A Pro Live: Opening Up To Parents

I'm keen too @Lost_Space_Explorer5 !! Really looking forward to hearing everyone else's thoughts on this stuff too Smiley Very Happy


Check out our community activities calendar here

Re: Ask A Pro Live: Opening Up To Parents

Me too @Lost_Space_Explorer5 ! Great to have you here Smiley Very Happy

Re: Ask A Pro Live: Opening Up To Parents

Alright folks, let us begin! 

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So great to have @Janine-RO as our Pro for tonight! Thanks for having a chat with us all about parents and feelings and all sorts of dealings!


To start with, can you tell us what is your favourite thing about being a mum?