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Re: Ask A Pro Live: Study Stress

We are about to get started!! 


A very warm welcome to @Roxy879 who is joining us tonight to talk about study stress!


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If at all you find this conversation distressing or you feel like you need to talk to someone then it's time to get some help! You can call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800 or use their webchat and email services found on their respective sites. The links can be found here. If you are new here then welcome! Have a quick peek at our community guidelines you can find them here!

Re: Ask A Pro Live: Study Stress

Our first question is a get to know you question!


@Roxy879 Can you tell us a bit about yourself and one fun fact about you? Smiley Happy

Re: Ask A Pro Live: Study Stress

Spanish Hello GIF by Denyse® Hey everyone! I'm Roxanne (Or Roxy!)

I'm really looking forward to tonight and discussion that we will all have.

I love having debates and discussions and so I'm really looking forward for tonight!


The first question I was asked to answer is: Why does it seem that some people can handle heaps of pressure from studying and education, but others can't cope under a small amount of pressure?



The first thing I want to clarify is that stress isn’t eternal, there will be times in your life where the pressure you are encountering may feel overpowering and exam pressure can be one of those times - So, I feel it’s important to know before you head off to your exams is that the stress you are or may be experiencing, you will not carry it with you forever! (This was something I wish someone told me when I was doing my studies, and I so I feel I should tell you this.)

When it comes down to it, everybody is unique! And so, the stress that people encounter in their day-to-day lives will be unique too.  Stress is a fact of life, everyday individuals (you) encounter stress. Rarely, will a day go by where you don’t encounter some sort of stress (it may be little or big), but the great thing about stress is that when it runs it’s toll, you’ll recover and will have experience on how to better prepare yourself the next time you encounter a similar stressful situation.   

Researchers are still trying to unravel why some people are able to handle stress better than others. But I believe as I mentioned earlier it’s because everybody is unique and their resilience to stress is different!

Two individuals may encounter the same stressful situation, exams and study pressure for example, but due to individual resilience, their reactions may be different. Some individuals may showcase stress outwardly, some may keep stress hidden internally.






Re: Ask A Pro Live: Study Stress

Hi @Roxy879! Nice to meet you!

Thanks so much for joining us tonight. Smiley Happy

Re: Ask A Pro Live: Study Stress

@WheresMySquishy  Hey! I'm glad I could be here! 

Re: Ask A Pro Live: Study Stress

Re: Ask A Pro Live: Study Stress

@Roxy879 Can you tell us a little bit about your study experience and what you are studying at the moment? 



Re: Ask A Pro Live: Study Stress

I have been in Uni for two years now. I started Uni in 2018 where I studied a diploma in counselling before I moved onto my current study which is the Bachelor of Psychological science and Criminology. 

This is a field of study that I feel very passionate about and enjoy. I'm very passionate about mental health and I hope to be able to have a full-time career in this field.

Even though I enjoy this degree, I do find it changeling and stressful with the workload I am given!

Re: Ask A Pro Live: Study Stress

Wow it sounds like you have had a lot of study experience the last few years @Roxy879!

I am hearing you have a strong direction of where you want to go with your career and your studies line up with that direction which is great!

Re: Ask A Pro Live: Study Stress

This month we have been talking on the forums about study stress, and I would love to hear more about your experience with study stress @Roxy879 


How do you know when you are experiencing too much or an unhealthy amount of study stress?