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Re: Ask A Pro Live: Study Stress

Such a great discussion- what really stands out for me is that every person has different approaches, but that there are some overlapping themes in how we break down and manage time when studying Smiley Happy 


Next question coming your way @Roxy879!


What strategies are the most helpful for you when dealing with an overload of stress?

Re: Ask A Pro Live: Study Stress

These are fantastic responses! I'm really enjoying the lovely and fantastic responses! 


What strategies are the most helpful when dealing with an overload of stress?


A) Now, that is a unique question on its own. I found what works best for me is indulging in activities and hobbies that you enjoy the most. I, myself, usually choose activities that I know will take my mind off the pressure/stress and allow me to concentrate on the task at hand. So when I do decide to return back to studying, I almost have a clear and fresh mind to continue with. 


Even having a small meal, watching those funny/cute cat videos on YouTube, or having a cheeky watch of an episode of Stranger Things on Netflix is great! And never underestimate the power of a cat-nap! Naps are fantastic and I regret all those times as a child where I refuse to have my naps because, boy, do I need them now! 


A simple technique to relieve stress can involve in talking to someone you trust and are comfortable speaking with, ReachOut forums are great too!!!! Prep talking to yourself and encouraging yourself is another way of managing stress. Find balance in your work, social/ family life, and downtime this will help you avoid burnout. 

Another big thing about stress is that you may feel propelled to control stress, I know I did. There are many things in our life that are out of our control. Instead of stressing over them, choose the things that you can control, such as your reaction to the problem. 

Get your body moving! Get up and have a dance! Have a concert in your bedroom or living room! Walking around the house or walking your dog, can positively improve mood. Take time out of your day for yourself, having a break will not hurt your studying schedule. In fact, it will help you, when you continue to study.

Re: Ask A Pro Live: Study Stress

I completely agree @Roxy879! I love taking naps because they make me feel better, as well as doing little things to perk me up and relieve stress.

Sometimes, I like to go for a walk, spend time with my family or get out of the house for a bit before going back to studying if I'm feeling stressed out.

Re: Ask A Pro Live: Study Stress

@Roxy879 love love love those suggestions!


Getting up and moving is my go to stress-relief as well! Smiley Very Happy Just physically detaching myself from my desk and going for a walk helps me calm down and reapproach my work with a much clearer head! Sometimes it's like my brain is planning without me realising and I'm much more directed as well Smiley LOL 
Another de-stress during studying is to move everything I don't need off my desk and onto the floor so I don't feel trapped, cluttered, or like i'm drowining in paper! Visually having less in front of me reduces how much it feels like I have to do straight away!


@WheresMySquishy naps are so so good! 

We had a live chat on Accessing Mental Health Support Online! Smiley Very Happy Check it out here! Heart

Re: Ask A Pro Live: Study Stress

You are so right in saying that there are times your mind just needs a break to do things that are enjoyable and help give that balance @Roxy879!


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Balance, balance, balance... essential ingredient for managing all stressors and making sure that your wellbeing is well rounded!

Re: Ask A Pro Live: Study Stress

@WheresMySquishy I'm a big cat when it comes to naps. But I totally agree with you, a short sleep can wake you up and make you feel so fresh! 


Walking is another great method! I walk around my house too! I also cuddle my dogs or go speak to my birds! 

Re: Ask A Pro Live: Study Stress

I love the diversity of strategies here @WheresMySquishy @ecla34 @Roxy879


For me, I find scheduling a regular exercise break is really helpful- the same exercise breaks at the same time each week makes me accountable to myself! I also love to sing (not all that great but very loud) which really helps me feel better when I am stressed, and chill out with a movie or a bath! Anything that regrounds me and brings my mind to some calm Smiley Happy

Re: Ask A Pro Live: Study Stress

@ecla34  I'm so glad that you love those suggestions! Literally having a dance and singing helps me so much, especially singing! I loooooveee to sing! I guess being able to physically and vocally let go of stress is the biggest help for me!

Re: Ask A Pro Live: Study Stress

@Jess1-RO  I was obsessed with this karaoke app in my last two years of high school! It was a great stress reliever.

Re: Ask A Pro Live: Study Stress

love all the strategies being shared!
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**