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Re: Friday 3rd May: Live guest Bart from Livewire

That's a really good question @gina-RO and one I couldn't really answer until after the first time I'd lost a patient I was close to.


How do you look after yourself while doing this work?


I spoke with some of the nurses I worked alongside in the hospital and they taught me something I'll never forget. It's been really helpful but may sound a little hard for some people to grasp. They told me that, in order to not "burn out" I have to be able to seperate myself from the patients and have good boundaries. It doesn't mean you can't have fun and be friends with patients, just realise the "possibilities" as early as you can. It's sad, but I just have to accept that some patients won't make it, and be prepared. Sorry, that's not really a nice way to end our discussion. On a lighter side, in the hospital there are so many more happy stories than sad. And we have a lot of fun. There's a lot of laughing going on Smiley Happy


What is your favourite genre of music? 


That's a tricky one, but I've written a lot of electronic music in my life, though I love most genres and songs that have an original element to them.

Re: Friday 3rd May: Live guest Bart from Livewire

Boundaries are so important. As is fun. Fun is key in sustaining meaningful work (and lives!). 


On that note, go get some self-care for your friday night! 



Going off gif theme here but : 

giphy (12).gif

I'm leaving ReachOut on the 5th of June Smiley Sad Say goodbye here

Re: Friday 3rd May: Live guest Bart from Livewire

Hey guys. I know I missed this, but I read through all the replies, and they were great!

I was the one who asked about the low blood pressure bit... heheh... 😅😓😖

I think I will have a look at the LiveWire and Starlight things! It does sound pretty cool.....😊