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Re: INFOBUS: Keeping it safe in summer

Jeremy again! - I DEFINITELY agree with the nerves bit and especially communication. So important.

Re: INFOBUS: Keeping it safe in summer

It's time to start wrapping up for the night.

Does any one have any questions on things we've talked about?

Or even topics we didn't get to today?


Re: INFOBUS: Keeping it safe in summer

@jeremy - exactly! And I think another problem with the lack of proper education in schools is that people then get into relationships feeling uncomfortable about talking to their partner about sexual things, where in reality it's something that really needs to be discussed beforehand.

Re: INFOBUS: Keeping it safe in summer

deepbreath - YAY, GOLD STAR Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy


I like gold stars Smiley Very Happy

Re: INFOBUS: Keeping it safe in summer

Well that was a pretty epic discussion! Thanks everyone that got involved, I know it was short but I hope we all got something out of it! I’ll give a bit of a summary of what has been discussed:


First we started talking about the sex-ed we all got at school. We seemed to agree that what we were told only just passed in terms of the information given, but that it definitely falls short of the information we SHOULD have been given! Some of us got sex-ed from catholic schools that seemed to revolve around abstinence and scare tactics, and ranged from being brushed over to a rather detailed science class. But then we all seemed to get the majority of our knowledge from our friends, books, or magazines like dolly. It’s just too bad the teachers we had were too nervous to answer important questions like “how do women masturbate” with a better answer than “with a cucumber”. We also all agreed that we needed sex-ed to continue into our later highschool years. Fingers crossed this is a change that comes into effect soon!


Next we discussed consent. Education on consent seemed to be quite rare – I myself didn’t learn about it until I hit university, as did a few other members. Some of us learnt from our parents and police, and agree that consent “means that you have said that it is okay, as long as the other person feels comfortable as well”. The laws on consent were discussed and we found out basically thee main points: 1) Giving consent to someone to engage in a sexual act must be a verbal agreement between both or all parties; 2) Consent can be withdrawn at any time, and; 3) You can NOT under any circumstances give consent to partake in a sexual act if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. It was discussed that using drugs or drinking definitely makes consent a difficult topic, and that maybe leaving the sex out of the picture when under the influence is the best idea. I think Leethal summed it up well:

“As well as the issue of gaining 'consent' more easily from the other party, it also means that someone will be more likely to do something that goes against their own thoguhts and values and give consent where they otherwise wouldn't. A lot of this suggests that a no no is good whenever alcohol is around, but people are more likely to try and we all know it happens a lot. It's hard, because when you are or the other person is affected, you're both less likely to care whether consent even counts”


Lastly deepbreath posed the statement “The absence of no does not mean yes” and asked if we agreed or disagreed, to which there was an overwhelming response of agreement! Sometimes people might feel nervous in sexual situations and might not feel like they can say no and don’t want to cause conflict. Body language was also discussed and we acknowledged that it’s so important to be aware of things like the person you’re with turning away, not being enthusiastic or just not participating fully. This is why communication is so important for communication to be at the forefront or our minds when partaking in any sexual act with others!


PHEW! Well that sure was fruitful discussion! I hope I’ve summarised the main points here. Thank you all once again for the fantastic talk. I HAD FUN! I hope you all did too Smiley Very Happy

Re: INFOBUS: Keeping it safe in summer

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Over and out from us at YEP Crew and, it's been a great night and we're stoked to be able to chat with you all


Re: INFOBUS: Keeping it safe in summer

Great discussion guys! Thanks everyone Smiley Happy

Re: INFOBUS: Keeping it safe in summer

Yes, great discussion everyone - thanks for all the posts Reach Out!

Thanks to Jeremy and deepbreath from the YEP crew for running the show too!