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INFOBUS: Keeping it safe in summer


Summer is a time when lots of us are on holidays: all this free time means more time to chill out and probably more parties and often that means there is a chance you'll get a new crush, hook-up or even start a new relationship.


On Thursday 24th January at 6.30pm WST/9.30pm AEDT we'll be joined by our mates at YEP crew and we're going to be talking about things that we all should think about to ensure that summer fling is a safe one. And that means making sure consent is just as important as condoms and contraception. Particularly when there is alcohol involved. Consent is sexy, right? So let's make sure it's done right.


Join us on Thursday to have your say.


Infobus sessions are 90 minute discussio where we invite professionals to join us to talk about some of the tougher issues facing young people. It's the place to have a frank and open discussion with a group of other young people as well as a psychologist, counsellor, youth worker, peer educator or another specialist worker. This month we'll have two special guests from YEP crew (Youth Educating Peers).


YEP crew aims to address the issue of sexual health, relationships and blood-borne viruses (BBVs) in the community by actively engaging with young people (online & through outreach events) and encouraging them to make safer and informed choices. Funded by the Department of Health WA and supported by the Youth Affairs Council of WA, YEP Crew is a group of young peer educators focused on sexual health.

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Re: INFOBUS: Keeping it safe in summer

Welcome to another fantastic Infobus. Tonight we're excited to be talking all things Summer Lovin’ including , relationships, sex, alcohol and other drugs, and particularly consent.


We’ve got Jeremy and myself (Deepbreath) from YEP Crew, which is a group of young people in WA who’ve come together to promote sexual health and positive relationships among their peers. Jeremy and I are pretty experienced at working with young people around these topics and we’re super keen to be here tonight. We’ll be helping to facilitate the conversation, plus we’re full of knowledge so ask any questions you like! You can learn more about YEP Crew from the Facebook page.

We've also got Peter, who's a RO Mod!


Some people might not know much about what consent is. Basically, consent is when you give permission to participate in something. Sometimes you might have your picture taken and you'll have to consent to that picture being published. Another example if some one asks you to be their boyfriend/girlfriend/partner, you can choose to give your consent and accept or decline the invitation. It's the same for sex and other things in a relationship. Here’s a quick vid which is pretty good at explaining it -


Before we begin chatting tonight, it’s a good idea to have a read over the forum guidelines.


Some of the things that come up tonight might be a bit heavy for some people, remember that this is a safe space and we need to respect and support each other. If you’re in WA and find that you’re struggling with some of the topics we cover tonight, it might be really useful to contact the Sexual Assault Resource Centre (SARC), their website is or if you’re elsewhere around Australia has an online chat function or you can call them.


Ok, now that we’re all ready to go, lets get the ball rolling. How would you describe the sex-ed you got at school? Helpful or not? Where else have you learnt about sex and relationships?

Re: INFOBUS: Keeping it safe in summer

Hey everyone! As mentioned by Deepbreath, I'm Jeremy. I volunteer with YEP crew and am passionate about all things sex positive sex education! I'm excited to be a part of this discussion tonight and can't wait to see some of the responses we get and what comes out!

To answer the question "How would you describe the sex-ed you got at school? Helpful or not? Where else have you learnt about sex and relationships?"... The sex-ed I got in school was reasonably comprehensive and covered STIs, BBVs (blood borne viruses), a few contraceptives like condoms and the pill, and basic male and female anatomy. It was good in the sense that we didn't get biased information but still lacked on the topics of consent, and what it's like to actually have sex!!! So overall I think I definitely got better sex-ed than a lot of other kids from other schools, but it definitely still wasn't what it could have been!

What about anyone else?

Re: INFOBUS: Keeping it safe in summer

Hello everyone!


How would you describe the sex-ed you got at school? Helpful or not? Where else have you learnt about sex and relationships?


I received more information about sex in year 7 than I did in 8 or 9 as the teacher I kept having 'didn't feel comfortable' teaching us but didn't even bother to arrange someone else. It was somewhat helpful in year 7. I found that this thing on my arm was not herpes, it was a ring worm haha. But in all seriousness, in year 7 it is still all a joke and funny things.

I didn't really learn anywhere else about sex and relationships except from my few friends and relationships. Looking back now, I would have loved to have learnt more about sex due to contracting a diesease.


Safe sex, is always the better option.

Re: INFOBUS: Keeping it safe in summer

Hey there, I’m Peter and as the introduction says I’m a Mod for Reach Out. Keen to see how the discussion goes this evening!

From what I remember the sex-ed we had at school was just a brushed overview. I don’t remember it being overly comprehensive and I think it avoided the more taboo sexual topics which are also really important. To be honest, I think I learnt the most from my peers about sex, some of which was helpful and some of which was not. I have a similar experience to Jeremy, inasmuch as consent was also not discussed, and what an important topic!

Re: INFOBUS: Keeping it safe in summer

Hi Ali818!
Thanks for joining us tonight.

Haha, I literally just LOL'd at your brush with 'herpes'.
How did you learn what you know now?

Re: INFOBUS: Keeping it safe in summer

Hi Ali,

That's actually a really interesting point, I rememeber getting a lot of sex education in late primary school and early high school but it was non-existant in later high-school when it was probably more relevant!

Re: INFOBUS: Keeping it safe in summer

Ok, so, obviously some schools are failing some people entirely and some schools are giving us half a picture.
Why is it that?! Grr

Re: INFOBUS: Keeping it safe in summer

Great point bethechange! It's not like using an umbrella will make it rain! Similarly, teaching us about sex won't make us run out and get it on!

Re: INFOBUS: Keeping it safe in summer

I didn't receive any formal sex education in primary school. Our high school sex ed happened in Year 9 about four weeks during health class once a week. They split the girls and boys up, so I have no idea what the boys were taught. I do remember I already knew everything they were teaching by then, since it was exceptionally basic and my mum had been quite comprehensive with "the talk". We had a box where we could submit anonymous questions and the teacher would answer them. I submitted a question asking how girls masturbate, and the teacher got really flustered and said (and I quote) "Well, some women use a cucumber." WTF? I don't think that was quite the job for her... hahaha.