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INFOBUS: Reaching Out to a Professional



Do you feel nervous about going to see professional like a counsellor, youth worker, doctor or psychologist?

Does it feel different to talking to a friend or family member?


If something is going on and you’ve decided that it might be worth talking it through with a professional, it can be a hard step to take. Whether it’s a doctor, school counsellor, youth worker, psychologist or someone else: it’s normal to feel worried about opening up to someone new. Some common worries are:

Not knowing…

…who they are

…what to expect

…how they will react

…if they'll take me seriously

… how to explain the problems

…if you can trust them

and the list goes on....


If you can relate to this because it's how you feel now or it's was how you felt before and you overcame it and made the first step, we’d love to have you along to Infobus this Thursday 28th at 6pm (WST – Perth etc) / 9pm (AEST – Syd/melb etc)


We’ll be talking about reaching out to a youth service/professional for the first time. We’ll be joined by Rebecca, a youth worker and dead set legend from Twenty10. Rebecca studied psychology and has worked in lots of different services with young people for over 10 years.


The thought of opening up and talking about things that have sometimes been hidden for a while can be really scary. But if you come along on Thursday you can talk to others who made the first move – as well as Rebecca and you can ask about whatever it is that is worrying you about taking the first step. Just because they have a job title and an office doesn't mean that the counsellor, doctor or youth worker is so different from you, let's talk about making the process as smooth as possible!


Got a question you’d like to ask Rebecca anonymously?
Submit it here and we’ll answer your question during the session.


Really looking forward to hearing from you on Thursday - see you here!

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Re: INFOBUS: Reaching Out to a Professional

Hey guys!


Welcome to tonight's super-incredible-amazing Infobus session! Smiley Happy Tonight we are going to be discussing "Reaching out to a professional". We understand how difficult it can be to ask for help so we are eager to help you feel more comfortable and prepared!


Luckily tonight we have a special guest - Rebecca from Twenty10. Rebecca is a youth worker and is ready to post some answers throughout the session. 


We were fortunate enough to have 5 anonymous questions submitted throughout the week which we are so thankful for! We will answer those questions throughout the session and really appreciate that you guys submitted those!! It's helpful to know what you guys want from this session! Smiley Happy


Of course, it's important to remember that normal community guidelines still apply. Read them here


If any thing that we discuss here makes you uncomfortable or you need to talk right away, please contact Kids Help Line (1800 55 1800 - available 24/7), or Life Line (13 11 14 - available 24/7),

or Headspace ( )


Thanks for joining us tonight and we look forward to an informative chat. Smiley Happy


To start us off tonight: Have you ever talked to a professional like a youth worker, school counsellor, psychologist? Or have you talked to a GP about mental health issues? What did you like/dislike?

Re: INFOBUS: Reaching Out to a Professional

Hi everyone and a warm welcome to our special guest - Rebecca from Twenty10!

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Re: INFOBUS: Reaching Out to a Professional

Hi Everyone!


thanks for such a sweet intro. Tho i've been a youth worker for over 10yrs (gosh saying that makes me feel like a nanna!),  i've done a bunch of youth work jobs. Right not i'm a 'Drop-in Worker' - which means I'm the worker in the drop-in space, so it means that more often than not, I'm the first worker someone will see and chat to when they're seeking help from a professional.

Re: INFOBUS: Reaching Out to a Professional

To kick things off, here is the first of the questions that were submitted during the week (thanks heaps for that btw!)


#1 What if I don't like the person I'm supposed to talk to?


People have their favourite hairdresser because they like the way that they work, style that they use, feel like they listen to them etc. It's actually not so different with mental health professionals.  It is important that you feel comfortable them so that you trust them, can speak openly and genuinely feel a connection that this person wants to help you. That it's not uncommon to not 'click' with the first counsellor etc that you see and it's possible you'll need to try a couple of professionals first before you find one that you click with. 


Having said that, I do think it's important to focus on the behaviour - not the person. Think about what it is that you don't like that they are doing and try and talk to them about what it is you don't like about the way that they are working. They may be able to change their approach. Or they may be able to offer you some insight about why it is that they are doing things in a particular way.  There are many kinds of Mental Health professionals, and many work as a part of a bigger team and have a particular role within that team.  It can be really helpful to have a conversation with the worker about what their role is – and what the roles are of the other people that they work with.  It may give you a better idea of how the service works as a whole and whether it is the right place for you to be or whether you are spending time with the right worker.  Having said all of that, as the client or consumer it can sometimes be hard to be assertive with a professional and tell them what it is you like and don't like about the way they work with you. But you do have rights, and your professional should be open to a conversation about what is you don't like about the way they are working. More info on your rights. 

Re: INFOBUS: Reaching Out to a Professional

Good evening all! Smiley Very Happy


Have you ever talked to a professional like a youth worker, school counsellor, psychologist? Or have you talked to a GP about mental health issues? What did you like/dislike?

I'm pretty sure I've talked to all the above Smiley Very Happy

What I disliked most was that at first these people always seemed to me like they were quite impersonal and sort of "distanced" from me, what with their calm, professional words and demeanor... But I found that that was something I adjusted to eventually and when I spent more time with them and opened up more, it was helpful to have that safe space to talk about whatever. 

Re: INFOBUS: Reaching Out to a Professional

yeah it can be like entering a new world sometimes, new space, new way of talking about things.
does take a bit of getting used to.
you're right tho, once you spend a bit of time it feels a bit less distanced and more connected

Re: INFOBUS: Reaching Out to a Professional

so, @graphiqual, what kinds of things made it a 'safe' space for you?

Re: INFOBUS: Reaching Out to a Professional

Hey Rebecca, thanks for being here and facilitating this tonight!!

I started seeing a psychologist a year ago. Was probably the second hardest thing I've had to do for myself in my life. She's awesome, we get on really well and I think I have been really lucky in getting a therapist whom is really focused on my needs. She's gone out of her way to keep seeing me, even after her contract expired with the uni. Because of this I needed to visit my GP and get a mental health care plan drawn up. She had no idea about any of the things I was going through, but she does offer couselling to her patients. Naturally it was very easy for me to discuss everything with her and get what I needed. SO so far, so good.

Re: INFOBUS: Reaching Out to a Professional

@Twenty10 wrote:
@so, @graphiqual, what kinds of things made it a 'safe' space for you?

I knew I could say whatever I wanted and she wouldn't judge me and she'd always try her best to help.