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Infobus has a new name: Ask A Pro Live!

Hello community!


UPDATE: A month ago we asked what you thought about the name Infobus for our live guest events, and we made a poll to get your ideas!


We had a ton of responses- thank you to everyone who voted! Smiley Happy


Today we are happy to announce that the highest voted name, and the new title for Infobus moving forward is...


Ask a Pro Live


happy party GIF by Cutters


The format will stay the same- we will bring in a pro on a topic of interest to the community, give you time to submit questions, and have a live chat on the forums! 


We are also working with our social media team to video some of these live chats and then continue the conversation on the forums! As of July 2019, we will be going back to monthly live chats with a pro- keep an eye out for the monthly activity calendar this week!


There's our first Ask a Pro Live event here!