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Let’s face it, gender can be pretty complicated and confusing! In a society that always tells us only men and women exist, finding out that gender goes beyond this binary can be pretty mind blowing.


There are so many different identities, expressions and ideas around gender that are super cool, but can be super difficult to wrap our minds around. Even people who know a lot about gender already, are constantly learning more every day as new info and ideas around gender grow and evolve. This can leave us with a lot of questions!


You might be able to answer some of these questions through your own self-exploration and studying of gender. However, it’s also good to talk about gender with other people, and ask questions if you don’t understand stuff. Everyone experiences gender differently and there’s a lot to learn from other peoples personal and professional experiences on the topic.


That’s where our special guest comes in! This month, it’s Dani Wright Toussaint, the Freedom Centre Coordinator in Perth, WA. Freedom Centre is a drop in space for LGBTIQ+ people under the age of 26. It’s a place where Dani has a lot of experience working with young, gender diverse people, and therefor has lots of knowledge to share! They’ll be taking about what gender is, how it’s different to sex and sexuality, challenging stereotypes around gender and gender expression plus heaps more!


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Join us on Tuesday the 22nd of March, at 9pm AEDT to talk all things gender!


Until then, check out this video from BuzzFeed which explores gender and how different people approach it: 


Hey everyone! Welcome to tonight’s infobus session. Tonight we’re talking to the amazing @Dani FC from Freedom Centre (Perth) about gender diversity.


Before we start, just a reminder to take care of yourselves during this chat. Sometimes our stories can contain some pretty intense stuff, stuff that some of us might even be going through right now. If you’re not feeling great, it’s important to talk to someone about it. Make a post in our community or, in an emergency, talk to someone one on one. You can also call QLife, a peer based LGBTI line, if you want to talk more about gender, sex and sexuality specifically.


And one last thing. Remember to follow the guidelines when posting in our chat. Don’t break anonymity, don’t talk about things that might be triggering for other people (specific meds and self harm in particular). And last but not least, be kind to each other Smiley Happy


And with that out of the way, here's our first question: What does the word gender mean to you? 




Hey @Rainbow Lane Hey @Dani FC !


Hi peeps!

To me it means the way I identify and feel in regards to social roles in our culture, expression of androgyny/femininity/masculinity and how people see my body. 

But it can mean different thigs to different people too - what does it mean to you?


Hey @Ben-RO & @Dani FC Smiley Happy


Thanks for sharing what gender means to you @Dani FC! For me gender is something that's completely socially constructed, and so it excites me that my options are completely limitless based on how I am feeling/dressing/acting etc. Does that make sense?




No worries @Rainbow Lane Smiley Happy

One of the things I love about being at Freedom Centre is hearing so many people's experiences and definitions/thoughts on gender Smiley Happy


Yeah that makes sense... except facebook says you have 52 options, not limitless Smiley Tongue


But facebook doesn't always know what's best hahaha #sotrue


haha @Dani FC yes this is true! I think they should have it open for people to fill out themselves, rather than being a drop down menu type thing. That way everyone can express themselves authentically. I may be getting off topic though? haha


Hey everyone! Sorry I'm late I was engaging in some good old self care 

//You can stay afraid, or slit the throat of fear and be brave//