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[Special guest] The elephant in the room

Across Australia there are a bunch of places young people can reach out to for support when they are going through a tough time. The problem is, not enough of us are using them.


What's up with that?

To help answer that question, we're lucky enough to have @Nic - Batyr and @Steph - Batyr coming online on the 25th of February!


This one is Nic

Nic Brown Photo.jpg


And this is Steph Smiley Happy


Stephanie Vasiliou Photo.jpg


They even have really cool t-shirts!


We will be chatting through what is stopping young people for using this support, how we can all have an impact on changing this and the power of telling your story.

Steph is the Being Herd Manager at Batyr, she looks after training young people to share their stories in a safe and structured way at programs in schools and universities across Australia. Nic is the School Program Manager at Batyr and oversees the delivery of the Batyr@School program in High Schools.

They both believe young people hold the key to this positive change in how young people view and speak about mental health by creating an environment where talking about our mental health is not only accepted but supported and encouraged.


Is there something that gets in the way of telling your story? Do you have a problem with the way people talk about mental illness that you want help solving? Or do you just want to know how you can get a cool Batyr T-shirt?


You can ask them anything by Clicking here



Join us on the 25th of February at 9pm AEDT to chat about the elephant in the room.



Re: [Special guest] The elephant in the room

Hey everybody! Welcome to tonight’s infobus session! Tonight we’re talking with the amazing @Nic - Batyr and @Steph - Batyr from Batyr about stigma, help seeking and the amazing power of your story.


Before we get started, i just want to remind you all to take care of yourselves during this chat. Sometimes our stories can have some pretty rough patches in them, some of us might even be going through those rough patches right now. If you’re not feeling great, it’s important to talk to someone about it. Make a post in our community or talk to someone 1 on 1 .


And one last thing. Remember to follow the guidelines when posting in our chat. Don’t break anonymity, don’t talk about things that might be triggering for other people (specific meds and self harm in particular). And last but not least, be good to each other Smiley Happy.


And with that out of the way, here's our first question:


1. Who’s heard of Batyr before? Tell us what you know about them!

Re: [Special guest] The elephant in the room


To answer the first question, I have never heard of Batyr before and all I know is Steph and Nic work for them haha Smiley Tongue
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Re: [Special guest] The elephant in the room

I've heard of Batyr!

Re: [Special guest] The elephant in the room

Hey all!! 


Who’s heard of Batyr before? Tell us what you know about them!


I only heard about Batyr this morning (sorry guys!), but from what I've read this org aims to reduce mental health stigma among young people by promoting conversations - makes sense considering the tagline 'giving voice to the elephant in the room', since the aim is to address an issue that's difficult to talk about

Re: [Special guest] The elephant in the room

Welcome @j95 @Steph - Batyr @Nic - Batyr


I should also mention that we have the amazing @CICI on helping to run the show Smiley Happy

Re: [Special guest] The elephant in the room

Hey everyone!


Welcome to tonight's InfoBus. Super thrilled to be here with @Steph - Batyr and @Nic - Batyr from the really cool organisation Batyr tonight Smiley Very Happy


Let's talk about the elephant in the room


elephant in room.gif


And if anyone is like me and didnt know what that meant for a REALLY long time....

The elephant represents the thing no one is talking about, yet everyone is aware it is there. At least, that is how I view it, let us know if you have a different perspective!

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Re: [Special guest] The elephant in the room

You are right on that one @j95Smiley Happy

Re: [Special guest] The elephant in the room

Phew, managed to get myself some vege stew in time for Infobus Smiley Happy


1. Who’s heard of Batyr before? Tell us what you know about them!


Nope, this was the first time I heard of them.


Re: [Special guest] The elephant in the room

I know a little bit about Batyr, most from talking to @ClCl about them. They do some pretty amazing storytelling stuff which is a really powerful way (and one of my favourite ways) to help people change the way they think and their attitudes to all sorts of things. I think it's really cool that they do so much work around mental health in particular, because our society is waaaay to good at not sharing this stuff.