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Talking about suicide on social media - have your say!

Hi guys! THis session is starting in about half an hour (6.30 PM AEST)


This is the first consultation in a larger process being undertaken by the Young and Well CRC and Inspire.


In response to the rather large amount of media attention that has been given to the issue of talking about suicide on social media this year, the Young and Well CRC and Inspire have decided to hold a roundtable to bring together clinicians, young people, academics, media and technology partners to discuss the role of social media in suicide prevention.


Tonight is YOUR opportunity to feed into this discussion. Comments from this forum will be deidentified and used to write a report that will be taken to the roundtable. We will be talking about the different ways that social media is used by individuals who are experiencing suicidal ideation, what the impact of that might be, and how technology and/or mental health organisations might be able to intervene.


Before we get started, it's really important that you take a minute to think about your own wellbeing. Some of the conversations we have tonight might get a bit heavy, and there could be some triggering content. If you aren't feeling great, consider heading to the wellbeing section of the forums and spending some time in there tonight instead.


If you decide that you are feeling up to participating in the conversation, it's important you think about your personal boundaries and self care.


What are the things that might be triggering for you? If any of them pop up tonight, consider logging off and doing something for yourself instead.


Who are the people you can talk to if you feel distressed or upset at any point?
Lifeline - 13 11 14 - Kidshelpline - 1800 55 1800 - suicide call back - 1300 659 467

Write a list of people in your community you could talk to.


What is something nice you can do for yourself after this talk? Try to make sure you don't have to rush off and do anything, and ensure you assess how you're feeling after the discussion, and talk to someone if you need to.

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And still, I rise.

Re: Talking about suicide on social media - have your say!

In terms of using social media in suicide prevention, a great advantage is that quick access as it allows you to help someone out more easily. However, a disadvantage to this is how you interpret it. 

Stay excellent

Re: Talking about suicide on social media - have your say!

Hey everyone!

I'm Doug and I work for the Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre. We're an Australian-based, international research centre that unites young people with researchers, practitioners, innovators and policy-makers from over 70 partner organisations. Together, we explore the role of technology in young people’s lives, and how it can be used to improve the mental health and wellbeing of young people aged 12 to 25. More about us here: (including a great video about our work!).

I'm really keen to hear everyone's thoughts about our topic questions tonight.

SO: A lot of young people turn to social media platforms like twitter, youtube and facebook when they are in crisis or feeling suicidal.


We're here today to talk about what we as a community of people who care about mental health think about how we can best help young people to be safe online.


This might mean anything - and the purpose of tonight's discussion is to find out what you think!


The comments from tonight will be written into a report and taken to Australia's first Roundtable on Young People, Suicide Prevention and Social Media with technology experts, mental health workers, policymakers and researchers next year.


Tonight I'll be co-moderating with MM - keep an eye out for our first question in a moment!

Re: Talking about suicide on social media - have your say!

So much suspense dougsky!

Re: Talking about suicide on social media - have your say!

Hi all,I'm Lauren and I'm a YA but also a Youth Brains Trust member for Young and Well Smiley Happy








Re: Talking about suicide on social media - have your say!

Hey Lauren! I'm here too! I'm a member of the youth brains trust for the Young and Well CRC as well. Good times about to roll!

Re: Talking about suicide on social media - have your say!

Hi guys, I'm Stacey. I work at a headspace centre and also in program development for suicide prevention.

Re: Talking about suicide on social media - have your say!

Hey guys!!


Welcome to this awesome opportunity! I really think it will be a very insightful conversation and I really hope a lot is taken away from it and added to another awesome report by the YAW-CRC. Smiley Happy


I am MM and I am a youth moderator (and a YA) here on the forums, and my job tonight is to help ask questions and chat with you guys about this topic but also to make sure you are all safe. So throughout the night I am going to be posting links to helplines in case this topic is upsetting for anyone and I really, really urge you to contact a helpline or someone in your support network if you are feeling overwhelmed. It's totally okay to step away from the conversation for 20 minutes or for good if that's what you need. Smiley Happy We understand that it's a tough topic and is a bit different from what we normally discuss on these forums. But your wellbeing is SO important.


I'd firstly like to point out the big yellow box on the top right hand corner of this page, "Emergency Help & Info", if you need help, that's a great place to start and will be on all pages of the forums.


Some numbers and websites which could be beneficial include: - 1800 551 800. Kids Help Line (KHL) are available 24/7 and are for anyone aged up to 25 years. They are free from most mobile phones too. They also offer online counselling at set times. - 13 11 14. Life Line (LL) avalable for any age 24/7. Also offer online counselling. They are also free from most carriers. - they offer online support for young people up to 25 years. - 1300 659 467 - Suicide Call Back Service. If you are feeling suicidal or at risk of hurting yourself PLEASE give this service a call. It is the cost of a local call, but they are available 24/7 and are available for anyone of any age.


Please also remember that if you are suicidal and especially if you have hurt yourself, please dial 000 - free from all phone carriers.


It's so important that you take care of yourself tonight. Please make sure you have some plans in place if things get overwhelming. For instance, I have happy music ready to play on my iPod if I need to chill, and I have a colouring in page to colour in as well! I also have a website open in another browser with puppy and kitten pictures in it to make me smile!


There are also some other great places to hang out in the forums if you just want to chill for a while:


Look forward to a great chat tonight guys! But please take care of yourselves.




P.S. Normal rules apply in regards to anonymity, please do not post too much identifying information, e.g. full names and workplaces. First names and general workplaces are fine. Smiley Happy Check out the forum guidelines here:

Re: Talking about suicide on social media - have your say!

Question ONE


How are young people using social media in the context of suicidal ideation or when concerned about others at risk? What are the avenues being used (Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube) and do these mediums need to be approached in different ways?


What do you think?


Remember - let's stay safe and well tonight. If at any time you feel upset or distressed, one of the best things to do is to take the time to talk to someone - just check MM's post above!!

Re: Talking about suicide on social media - have your say!

I agree with the comment about comments getting misinterpreted in social media.


It is tricky, on one hand sometimes certain social media like online forums such as this can be great because you can remain anonymous, which is great for people who have social anxiety for example or who are not ready to reveal their identity - it allows them to connect with other in a less confrontational way and seek help which they may not have otherwise. Its also great because people can connect with other people 24hours a day, across the globe, regardless of he context.


The down side is something I think we are familiar with from various media reports - a lot of bullies hide behind the degree of anonymity and disconnectedness of social media and can say terrible hurtful things to people that can hurt them even more.


I think it comes down to moderation - these conversations need to be monitored and controlled to insure that they are safe.