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Re: ☀️ - Things I Like About You & Me - 🥰



Glad you enjoy the thread. I really resonate with your 3rd point about yourself - growing old doesn't always mean growing up. What are some things that you do to connect more with your inner child? I like to watch simple but enjoyable cartoons like Avatar the Last Airbender, goof around with my SO, and just make fools of ourselves.


Re: Things I Like About You & Me.



Makes me really happy that this thread has been healthy for you! Genuinely made me smile reading this.

Also small update with my hair, I decided to stop fighting it even more and have let it grow out and I'm really liking it so far. As a guy, I am going with a more slicked-back flowy hairstyle. It's been such low maintenance since I just comb all my hair back.


Love seeing more people embrace their bodies and hair - curls, frizzes, and all! Robot Very Happy

Re: Things I Like About You & Me.

@November13 !

Learning to appreciate the now, and the little is such a positive skill to have, and I'm glad you're learning to implement it more and more in your life. Heart


Your third point about making decent meals from leftovers. HOW PLEASE TEACH ME. I have been wanting to cook for a while and I have had some things I was able to do, but 90% of the time I don't have fresh ingredients. I cant get that keen to eat since it's all leftovers. Do you have any tips on how I can reuse them and freshen them up for a good meal? Robot LOL

Re: ☀️ - Things I Like About You & Me - 🥰

thank you @Anzelmo hearing you say that really made my morning hehe Smiley Very Happy I love that quote, it is very beautiful!

Re: Things I Like About You & Me.

@Anzelmo well I'm a bit late but here I am! Stir fries and soups are heaven when it comes to chucking everything into one pot. Or it's always good to add more to your leftovers to make new dishes. I found that it helps to freeze veggies/herbs before they go bad to add to your leftovers. Or just forget about what a normal meal must look like and make a few mismatched things to put on your plate!