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Re: ☀️ - Things I Like About You & Me - 🥰

@Anzelmo I really appreciate this post, really made me consider positive things about life on a day where I was feeling a bit stressed out so thank you! I love reading all the things people love about themselves.

3 things I like about me:
- I like that I'm empathetic and understanding towards other people's circumstances
- I like that I always try to face the things that scare me, even if I need help to do so
- I like how much effort/care I put into the people around me to make sure they feel supported/loved

3 things I appreciate about others:
- I love when people talk about things they are passionate about and share their passion with others and it lights up their whole face
- I love when other people remember something little you told them ages ago and check in on how that thing is going later
- I love when people give you a squeeze when they hug you and hold on extra long especially when they know you need it

Re: Things I Like About You & Me.

I love that I can be real with myself and others.  If I'm having a good day, I show it.  If I'm having a bad day I can respectfully discuss it and be self responsible.  I can be raw, vulnerable and expose my ugliness.  I can accept compliments and say thank you.  I love that I can be challenging as well as easy.  I love that I can hold space for myself as much as I can for others.  I love that I have some fire in me and accept that sometimes saying no upsets others.  I'm ok with upsetting people when they are asking too much of me and I respectfully need to do what's well for me.

Re: ☀️ - Things I Like About You & Me - 🥰

Great thread @Anzelmo! Smiley Happy

3 things I like about myself:
- I'm sure of myself and know who I am.
- I speak out about things that matter to me.
- I like to have fun and connect with my inner child.

3 things that I like about others:

- When people help me with directions when I'm lost.
- When people are understanding about my health issues. Some people are and some people aren't, but I appreciate when people try their best to accommodate me.
- When people open up to me about what they're going through. It makes me feel like I'm doing something right.

Re: ☀️ - Things I Like About You & Me - 🥰

Three things I like about myself: 

  • Being driven and dedicated to my passion for social justice
  • That I'm open to change and make the most of it 
  • I'm a good friend 

Three things I like about others: 

  • I love people who are super confident and aren't afraid to be silly if it means they are having fun.
  • I like people who speak their mind, no matter who is around 
  • When strangers perform random acts of kindness 

Re: Things I Like About You & Me.

@Anzelmo Hair freaks unite! I used to be called 'fluffy' because of my curly frizz, but now I love it and always wear it down. Just need to figure out how to retain my waves Smiley LOL I love this thread btw! Forcing me to engage in positive self-talk is always a good thing!


3 things I like about me:

1. That I'm (apparently) a good friend

2. That I'm super creative and always have something to daydream about

3. That I never give up even when I really want to


3 things I appreciate about others:

1. When they want a hug for no reason lol

2. When they can see you're struggling and are extra kind

3. When you can disagree and even upset each other but forgive and forget anyway

Re: Things I Like About You & Me.

I have been trying to notice the nice things around me for a while, here's what I got!


3 things I like about me:

1. That I'm creative 

2. That I care about others and I love people

3. That I can make a decent meal from whatever's left in my fridge


3 things I appreciate about others:

1. When they call an office for something and say thank you at the end

2. When they offer to share food (need I say more?) Smiley LOL

3. When they say "no worries" when you say thank you

Re: Things I Like About You & Me.

@Hannah-RO !


Quitting smoking is a really huge mountain for a lot of people to climb. I'm not only proud but impressed by your determination. Really happy for you! Heart

Also, admitting you are wrong is hard for people because of pride sometimes, and so when they are able to bring themselves to do it, I gain a lot of respect for them. Robot Happy Appreciate your contribution!

Re: ☀️ - Things I Like About You & Me - 🥰

@celestialdreamer  Glad it was able to lift up your spirit!


That second point that you like about yourself is BIG. Made me think of the quote -


"Courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear"


You are courageous and that is definitely something to be proud of. Robot Very Happy



Re: Things I Like About You & Me.

Hi @MaryRO !


Being genuine means being okay with the good and the bad.


It's great that you have that mentality. Because it's not about using it as an excuse to be mean or rude to people, but it's a chance to open up, build integrity, and staying resilient.

Also, I like how you know when to say "no" and you're aware that it's a perfectly okay answer to give. I feel like people are hesitant to say it nowadays. 


Loved this contribution! Heart

Re: ☀️ - Things I Like About You & Me - 🥰

@Bre-RO  Cat Happy


I really like your first point, need more people in our generation to not be afraid of standing up, that said

- Can you share a bit about what within social justice you're passionate about or give some tips? I want to be more involved in fighting for what I believe in but I never know where to start and it's daunting to jump into protests, big meetings, and all that.