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1000 Positives of Litgym

@litgym seeing how you've come seeking support and advice and how you've taken it on with every fibre of your being is incredible to see. I am so proud of you for reaching out for help and continuing to fight and find the best of everything. It shows how resilient you are and thinking of you makes me smile. I have a real soft spot for you and I think that is because you remind me so much of me when I was younger. And I'm also so grateful to see you interacting more in the community in GR the other night and helping others too! You've become such an awesome member of the RO family


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Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: 1000 Positives of Litgym

@Bee awww that’s so sweet !! you’ve honestly made my bad day better. you always say so many positive things about me that makes me smile. im very grateful you’ve taken time to talk to me when things have been toughHeartHeart

Re: 1000 Positives of Litgym

Always doing their best to help out other people and trying their best even when things feel impossible Heart you have a lot of strength @litgym!

Re: 1000 Positives of Litgym

@Taylor-RO honestly you’re too sweet ! this made me teary, thank youHeart

Re: 1000 Positives of Litgym

@litgym Just wanted to say the amount of support you have given others is phenomenal, and you always have a positive message to spread. Also, your strength given how tough things are for you is really inspiring!

Re: 1000 Positives of Litgym

@mrmusic aww thank you so much❤️❤️ thanks for making my day even better !

Re: 1000 Positives of Litgym

AHH Just found this!! 

1. So nice even though you're going through a tough time!

2. So supportive!

3. Has pets (Seriously, Anyone who likes animals is great! Apart from bugs, I hate bugs) 

4. So brave and tough

5. Always there to talk to

6. Listens without judging

SOOO Much more plus everything else everyone has put!!

Re: 1000 Positives of Litgym

@annabethxchase bahahha thank you so much, means a lot💞💞

Re: 1000 Positives of Litgym


a huge positive that i see is that you never give up. even though times can be extremely tough and dark but here you are taking steps forward to building a better life for yourself Heart
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: 1000 Positives of Litgym

@scared01 aww thank you, i can’t tell you how grateful i am for your kind words xxx