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Re: 1000 Positives of Litgym

thank you so much gorgeous Heart @Bee

Re: 1000 Positives of Litgym


You are so important to each and every one of us Smiley Happy Something that really stands out to me when I see you post is not only your incredible strength as you push through every day but you awe-inspiring bravery. I don't know if you fully understand just how strong you are. Your easily one of the toughest people I've ever had the privilege of meeting Smiley Happy

Re: 1000 Positives of Litgym

awww stop it beautiful!!!! you’ve put a massive smile on my face Smiley HappyHeart @annabethxchase

Re: 1000 Positives of Litgym


Re: 1000 Positives of Litgym


And agree with everything people have said about the wonderful @litgym

We are so lucky to have you in our community! 


Where do I start? Seeing you grow and how far you've come over the last few months is amazing. Linking in with supports, opening up and sharing your experiences and feelings, and using those experiences to encourage and help others... just incredible. 

Also your sense of fun, friendship and humour! From the jokes you share, to your love of Kesha, to the wonderful contributions you make to all sorts of discussions around the forums, you have such a positive impact on this space. 


Thank you litgym! 

youre the best GIF


I'm leaving ReachOut on the 5th of June Smiley Sad Say goodbye here

Re: 1000 Positives of Litgym

awww Gina !!!!!! you’re so so so kind and lovely ahhhhHeart overly smiling hehe, thank youHeartHeart @gina-RO

Re: 1000 Positives of Litgym

@litgym your inner strength inspires me so much! I had Spotify on shuffle and these two songs really reminded me of you, and they played one after another! I really like the second song and I hope you find it as empowering as I have! Heart




Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: 1000 Positives of Litgym

aw thank you beautiful!! Heart @Bee

i totally forgot about the first song !!! love it Smiley Happy

i remember fight song was such an emotional song for me because it was a hit when my parents broke up but now it doesn’t bother me ! it’s a great song Smiley Happy

Re: 1000 Positives of Litgym

@litgym here's your cheesy karma Smiley LOL

There are SO many things that I admire about you:

Your undeniable strength through EVERYTHING that has been thrown at you, your like those people on Ninja Warrior (not the people who fall off) but like, you face so many obstacles and you just DEMOLISH them and go onto the next one!! You are a force of nature Heart  You are SOO brave! I need a better word than brave.. Courageous?...Valiant?... Manful?.... WHATEVER, but you've never stopped fighting, sure, you've hit some potholes but you've always fought for yourself and your happiness. SO admirable! Your vegetarian-ness. I have no words.. I don't know how you do it! It's a mystery! Your support for everyone. I'm mind-BLOWN when you offer such amazing support even when you yourself are struggling so much Smiley Happy You cheer people up so much with your quirky posts Smiley Happy. Your humour and adoration for Kesha. MAN I wish you could meet her! You are literally her biggest fan Smiley Happy We can have the strangest convos with each other, supervillians, weird questions, your profound astonishment at my hair being blonde etc. I'll just sit there laughing my head of at your response Smiley Happy 


You are so loved and appreciated @litgym and I really, really hope you know that Smiley Happy Heart

Re: 1000 Positives of Litgym

nawww you're so so so sweet, im in tears Smiley Very Happy love you very muchHeart @annabethxchase