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1000 positives of Jess1-RO!

Another thread I just absolutely had to make! 


@Jess1-RO where do I begin? You are amazing, inspirational and such a positive role model! You're always ready to help support others and cheer them along, but you also know how to take care of you and I love how you show that through your work here!

You show such warmth and compassion in your posts and I always feel so warm reading your posts, it's like a verbal hug....

that wraps around you and fills you with love and hope!


Keep being your incredible self! Heart

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: 1000 positives of Jess1-RO!

@Bee I love that phrase 'a verbal hug' that perfectly describes @Jess1-RO's posts.
You're always so lovely to everyone and I can tell you really enjoy your job. I always feel super supported when you talk with me Smiley Happy Thank you for everything you do for this community Smiley Happy

Re: 1000 positives of Jess1-RO!

Aww @Bee, this made my day! Thank you so much for such a beautiful post! Heart 


I love being on the forums and getting to work with our amazing community everyday! You are all so inspiring and I learn so much from you Heart


Thank you!


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Re: 1000 positives of Jess1-RO!

Thank you @annabethxchase Heart


ghost hug GIF


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Re: 1000 positives of Jess1-RO!

@Jess1-RO Have to second everything @Bee has written. Your posts are an incredible example of peer support, and it's clear from your posts you have such a passion for helping others.

And your kind and welcoming nature at the mod workshop was really comforting, especially for me as a new mod!



Re: 1000 positives of Jess1-RO!

Thank you for starting this @Bee - you're such a star!! 


@Jess1-RO you are such a wonderful caring person, and I'm lucky to work with you! Your attention to detail shows the immense care you have for others! 



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Re: 1000 positives of Jess1-RO!

I always love reading your posts, your bright, kind, caring and compassionate personality shines through them. your such a valuable part of RO Heart
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: 1000 positives of Jess1-RO!

@Jess1-RO you're kindness is a million fold and I love how you're always there for us when we need it Smiley Very Happy. Keep up the awesome work!



Hope is just around the corner; you think it's not there when you first look straight ahead, but it actually is when you turn around

Re: 1000 positives of Jess1-RO!

@Jess1-RO from the very bottom of my heart im so beyond grateful for your love and supportHeart hearing from the mods you sound so so beautiful and caring towards others in person and online Smiley Happy i can’t tell you how grateful i am that you’ve helped me so much, my safety plan, contacting G, keeping me safe Heart that’s a true support Smiley Happy

i abosolute adore you’re very detailed posts from GR’s and Infobuses, you are perfect for this jobHeart

whenever i see you login in the morning and im already having a shit day it just brings a smile to my face knowing ill receive support from you Heart

Re: 1000 positives of Jess1-RO!

Positives of @Jess1-RO:

- typing her username forces me to concentrate on what I’m doing

- posts doggo pictures (as a fellow dog person we need more pics of puppies!!)

- super supportive

- somehow knows absolutely everything there is to know


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