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Re: 1000 positives of annabethxchase

Thank you so so so much @litgym! Heart Heart Heart It means so much more than you'll ever know <33

Re: 1000 positives of annabethxchase

You have so much kindness and compassion- this really comes through when we see the amazing support you offer other people! 


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Re: 1000 positives of annabethxchase

Naww thanks a bunch @Jess1-RO Heart ! Happy to help - you made me smile <333

Re: 1000 positives of annabethxchase

thought you needed a reminder through some hard times atmHeart


you are such an amazing, loving, caring, gorgeous person who deserves the world !!! im beyond happy youve joined ReachOutSmiley Happy you’ve always been there for others no matter what and thank you for never giving up on meHeart you always bring a smile to my face and many others, you are beautiful soul anyone would be lucky to know you. i love you heaps and will be here for you no matter whatHeartHeart

Re: 1000 positives of annabethxchase

@annabethxchase . I saw you post some amazing encouraging words a in a few others "1000 positives of.." threads, and it reminded me of how incredible you are!! 

You are always looking for ways to encourage others, and lift them up.

Your loving and generous personality is infectious - even through this forum!

Thank you for all that you have given to this community - your wisdom, support of so many others, and warmth. Heart

We are very lucky to have you here! 

the best love GIF by Gwyneth


I'm leaving ReachOut on the 5th of June Smiley Sad Say goodbye here

Re: 1000 positives of annabethxchase

You're such a warm and welcoming person @annabethxchase Smiley Happy

I feel like you're the kind of person to give anyone support despite what you're going through yourself; that quality makes you so special on this forum Heart


Btw, our society if everyone was like annabeth Smiley Tongue:


Re: 1000 positives of annabethxchase

Naww, Thank you so much, you have no idea how much this means to me Smiley Happy That's so sweet Smiley Happy
You're so gorgeous, thank you heaps for that encouragement Smiley Happy It means a lot Smiley Happy

Re: 1000 positives of annabethxchase

okay so this gonna go super cheesy, umm but like you deserve it and i want you to know how important and beautiful you are even if you don’t see itHeart


first of all you are legit my best friend, i cannot relate anymore to you because we have so much in common and nice about each other’s differencesSmiley Happy even though you should really go vegetarianSmiley Wink uh gosh it gets cheesy from here hehe but you are my light in the dark when i feel so low, im usually laughing hysterically in my room or smiling a little bit too much in the public and everyone is like wtf is wrong with her. but i i want you to know even though you may feel so worthless and nothing, you are ALWAYS something to me and this community :heart we all adore your loveliness, humour and warmth☺️ 


just a little reminder how important you are to us, stay strong gorgeous HeartHeart

Re: 1000 positives of annabethxchase


@litgym you are the SWEETEST!!! (NO, I cannot give up my lasgna!!) 

You have no idea how much I want to just ARGH give you the massivest of massive hugs and ARGH I'm crying again!!! I'm such an emotional wreck! I tried to give you like 15 bajillion high 5's but I only ended up un-highfiving you bahahahaha!!! Your the best!!! The wholesomeness of this post MUST have broken the guidelines somehow?! TW for the excessive amount of kindness Smiley Wink

Re: 1000 positives of annabethxchase

hahahah, you're worth itHeart @annabethxchase