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the worry box


this is very simple but could help. the aim of it is to set up a time to worry about specific things but after that its put away and basically tell yourself not to worry about it anymore. 


the first thing to do is to make up some cards about palm sized, you can decorate them but dont make them too busy otherwise itll distract you. you can make up a a few of these each set with their own worry


a few of mine are : my pop (then i add the date and time of his appointment), lack of friends, lack of relationships each on separate cards. place these cards into a box, i call mine the worry box. 

for each card set a timer for say 15 minutes, write/journal, cry, scream, worry anything you like for those 15 minutes then put that card away and get on with your day. that worry wont leave overnight, however letting it rule your day/life isnt very productive. 

having this physically in front of you, for me anyway. i find it easier than having to visualise me picking a card about and putting it away. 


that is why its called the worry box- it has your worries inside and under wraps until your ready to dealw ith each one 


**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because your WORTH it!**
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