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19th Dec Wellbeing Wednesday Actitivty

Our first Wellbeing Wednesday activity! 

@Jay-RO introduced the idea over here - and we will be posting a new activity each Wednesday for everyone to participate in if you'd like!


 So this week, we're doing a bit of reflection on the year. 

Have a think of a word, (or a few) that reflect, or sum up the last year.

Then think of a word, or a few, that reflect what you want the next year to be.


My example

2018 - Reconnecting - The last year I felt like I was reconnecting with myself, and my values.

2019- Rest - I will be making a conscious effort to prioritise rest, in amongst the chaos. 


Give it a go! I would love to hear your reflections, but no pressure to share if you'd prefer to do this one solo Smiley Happy



Re: 19th Dec Wellbeing Wednesday Actitivty

2018: Chaotic - A pain-filled, agonising year.
2019: Self-discovery - Learn Moreno about myself, how I react to situations and how to make myself a better person Smiley Happy

Excited for more if this @gina-RO!

Re: 19th Dec Wellbeing Wednesday Actitivty

very interesting!

2018- awful- it has been full of many downs, constant tests for physical and mentla health most of which were bad results, so much pain in many aspects of my life, suffered alot of loss. i had no direction what so ever and it was mostly about surviing each day, hr, or minute if things were bad.

2019- Breathe and move forward- for 2019 my aims are to make things better than this yr, while im not entirely sure on what that might look like i do have a few ideas in mind starting with allowing the help that is offerred to me, implementing good physical and mental practices such as ensuring good balanced diet, exercise, and implementing a sleep routine, and self care activities. I am hoping to study in the health sector which is a step forward for the future.
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: 19th Dec Wellbeing Wednesday Actitivty

Totally love this idea @gina-RO and @Jay-RO!

2018: unexpected: this year definitely has been full of ups and downs and unexpected twists and turns. I would've never expected at the beginning of this year that I would be where I am now at the end of the year.
2019: purpose: learning to find my place in this universe and figure out who I am as an individual

Re: 19th Dec Wellbeing Wednesday Actitivty

I really love "Self learning" @annabethxchase Heart and "breathe" @scared01 Heart


For me:

2018: Challenge, 2019: Growth Smiley Happy

Re: 19th Dec Wellbeing Wednesday Actitivty

Purpose is beautiful @Esperanza67!

Re: 19th Dec Wellbeing Wednesday Actitivty

My 2018- intense. I've had so many ups and downs, lots of growth, learning about myself, lots of struggle, survival.

What I hope for 2019 - achievement. I want to set goals and work towards them. Achieve personal and emotional growth,
Trying to make my misery
just a piece of my history
A little less victim a little more victory
-Icon for Hire

Re: 19th Dec Wellbeing Wednesday Actitivty

Thank you to everyone sharing - @annabethxchase @scared01 @Esperanza67 @redhead - all so inspiring.


Some really massive challenges faced in 2018 - and all of you have gotten this far, and have incredible aspirations and determinations to have a 2019 that is different.  Heart


Re: 19th Dec Wellbeing Wednesday Actitivty

2018 - unexpected - this year started of okay but very quickly dropped. i never saw myself getting to a point of wanting to end my life. i genuinely thought i was going to have a good year but i guess not. but i have made a few achievements Smiley Happy i have multiple supports and feel very privileged to have you guys and my supportsHeart


2019 - recovery - i hope next year will be the start of my recovery, ive been trying so hard the last few months to maintain my safety, to reach out etc. im hoping next year ill be able to see more positives and find it easier to get through each day Smiley Happy

Re: 19th Dec Wellbeing Wednesday Actitivty

Thank you for sharing @litgym. This is so inspiring to read. 

I love your commitment to 2019 as a year for recovery - we are all so glad you came to ReachOut and joined our community Heart