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2021 Not Yet What You’d Hoped For?

So it’s a new year! A lot of us were pretty keen to say goodbye to 2020 and while it’s going to be great to wave farewell to that bizarre year, some of us are feeling 2021 hasn’t exactly gotten off to the rosiest of starts. Things are pretty stressful for everyone right now. With increased covid restrictions in many parts of Australia, its understandable to be feeling anxious, angry, uncertain and annoyed. 


These restrictions also meant that many of us didn’t get the holiday break that we wanted and deserved. We may not have been able to see all the family or friends that we were keen to catch up with, or maybe the break wasn’t the restful, relaxing time we were hoping for.  


In light of this, we wanted to make sure there was a space for all of us to share our tips for coping and have a look at some other threads that might be helpful. After all, it’s only the 5th day - plenty of time to make 2021 the year of YOU!


We had an awesome chat a few months ago with Dr Joe in the Ask Me Almost Anything on Life After Social Isolation where we chatted about managing changes and looking after ourselves. Here’s a few takeaways from that chat:


It is really important to acknowledge that this is a really hard time and for us all to be kind to each other - as in - be kind to yourself.

Most things that were steady and safe and fundamental in our lives have been shaken up.


Good comes out of every challenge I think. We decide what attitude we want to use to approach covid and everything else. We learn about ourselves. 


Things do change all the time even without covid. The present moment however is not uncertain – this moment – right now - and it is in this moment that we plan. We don’t plan IN the future we plan FOR the future. Maybe all we can do is make those plans in the present and hope for the best.


Acceptance is everything but not easy. If we can accept the changes, the challenges, it is easier to live with. We will come out of this in time even if it doesn’t feel like it at times. We have to adapt. Humans always adapt and try to be grateful and positive if we can.

We’ve also got a content piece to check out on How To Deal with Disappointment that has some great ideas in it. 


What are your tips for navigating uncertainty and looking after yourself in these ever-changing times?

Re: 2021 Not Yet What You’d Hoped For?

@Hannah-RO this is such a great thread. Some coping strategies that I have found that helped me has been concentrating on what I can control and trying to make the best of the current circumstances. Another coping strategy is to take for yourself and to do something that distracts you from the stressful times.

Re: 2021 Not Yet What You’d Hoped For?

@A_Friend Ensuring we focus on making the best of what we have and can control is extremely important when there is so many waves of uncertainty. Taking for yourself and making progress is what we owe ourselves as humans, so living life to the fullest potential is our duty even through difficult times. Did you have any resources or goals you have made to take care of yourself diving into the year?

Re: 2021 Not Yet What You’d Hoped For?

My tip would be to not place too many expectations on myself- keep my schedule free, only look at news media if I have a distraction to come after it, and do something enjoyable everyday!

Re: 2021 Not Yet What You’d Hoped For?

Thats an awesome tip @Tay100 - I love the idea of having a distraction post-news viewing, i think thats V good idea. And @A_Friend I really like what you said about concentrating on what you can control, that is so important!

Re: 2021 Not Yet What You’d Hoped For?

@Kaylee-RO my goals for the new year, are to start getting back to my fitness and taking time to invest time/effort into friends/family. How about you? What are your goals this year? 

Re: 2021 Not Yet What You’d Hoped For?

Thanks for this thread @Hannah-RO!


Something I have been doing recently and found super helpful is setting daily goals. To do this I like to write down a major goal - something bigger I want to achieve that day such as submitting a job application. I then set some smaller goals like to vacuum my room and organise dinner with friends.


Most importantly I am trying to be kind and compassionate to myself. Listening to what my body needs/wants Heart

Re: 2021 Not Yet What You’d Hoped For?

@Hannah-RO thanks, I just noticed it worked for me and never stopped doing it! You'll have to let us know how you go with your three goals too!

Re: 2021 Not Yet What You’d Hoped For?

@A_Friend They sound like great and achievable goals! Mine are actually somewhat similar! Fitness is a big part of my life so really wanting to focus on being the healthiest version of me. Plus taking more time to sit and talk/do things with family is so important when you get older! 

Have you made any plans of how you are going to kickstart them off?

Re: 2021 Not Yet What You’d Hoped For?

@Kaylee-RO Those goals are great and I started my goals by slowing increasing the time i spend working out and changing the type of workout from walking to a more intense workout. How about you?