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Re: 3 Things I Like About Myself

1. I have artistic abilities that people admire a lot.
2. I can dance, sing, play musical instruments, and perform.

3. I may feel sad and worthless at times, but I know that I will be okay.

// Nothing is impossible. The word itself says "I'm Possible" //

Re: 3 Things I Like About Myself

I need some positivity today so:

1. My love of LEGOs. Specifically spinning lego ninjas Smiley Tongue
2. My love of food. I like it okay? I like food.
3. I'm a writer. And I'm not all that bad either.

Re: 3 Things I Like About Myself

A: one thing I like about myself is the fact that I'm easy to talk to about problems and giving advice even if I haven't experienced it myself. 

(honestly this took me a while to think about it and eventualy I couldn't think of anything so I messaged one of my friends and thats what she said about me!)


Re: 3 Things I Like About Myself

Great that this thread got you thinking @ruthxxx. It can be hard for us to see the positives in ourselves, so well done! Just so you know, I merged your thread into this topic as we already have a topic for things that you like about yourself. No big deal! It might be helpful for you to have a look through the well-being threads that we already have as it seems like you are really loving these Heart You can have a look here. This thread is about three things you like.. rather than one.. so I challenge you to think of two more! No pressure if you can't, I just thought it might be another great exercise to get you thinking. You can continue to post here as much as you like by clicking 'quick reply' or 'reply' under someone's comment Heart Some people do some of these exercises daily. 

Re: 3 Things I Like About Myself

1. I know how to sculpt realistic things, like a mermaid, or just human body parts with sand really well. Also my singing ability.
2. My art skills are amazing, these are not just my words.
3. I’m always willing to learn.
4. I always want to help where I can, and I will always do what I can to make someone feel better.
5. I can make some good food, from biscuits to meals.
6. My ability to bounce back from an issue, even if I don’t always bounce back straight away.
7. My style sense.
8. My athletic ability.
9. My organisational ability.

10. I love how I can be a good friend, and learn from any mistakes I’ve made. I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Smiley Happy

Re: 3 Things I Like About Myself

1. I like that I'm passionate about the people and things that I care about

2. I like that I don't take bs from anyone, I'm assertive when I need to be, I'll fight for what I care about 

3. I'm empathetic and a good listener

4. I'm a good cook (thanks mum!)

5. My skin - I've finally got a good routine going, drink heaps of water and get exercise regularly! 

6. I like my sarcastic humour 

Re: 3 Things I Like About Myself

1. I can draw (even if I don't always like my art)
(okay I can't think of anymore so I'm gonna peace out Smiley Tongue)