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3 Things I Like About Myself

Hey everyone! 

I've been thinking lately about how easy it is to identify our own 'areas for improvement' and parts of ourselves that we would like to work on, and yet so hard to identify those characteristics that we like. 


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In the spirit of self-love, I am challenging everyone to think of at least 3 things they like about themselves, and share them if you feel comfortable doing so. I'm hoping that every week or so, I will be able to see more and more parts of myself that I like, and I'm hoping that this thread will be a good way to keep myself accountable.


With that in mind, here are 3 things that I like about myself: 

  1. I have a lot of willpower
  2. I always try to do the right thing
  3. I stand up for people who need help


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Don't leave me hanging out here! Join in! I can't wait to hear the fantastic things that make everyone who they are Heart

Re: 3 Things I Like About Myself

I’ll have to think about this for a few days.. nothing really to like about me

Re: 3 Things I Like About Myself

Awesome positive idea @queenP ! And @Bananatime04 , I'm sure something will come to you (from what I've seen, you're an awesome presence on the forums Smiley Happy)


hmm, for me I think...

1. I'm a loyal friend 

2. I've been trying more and more to be better

3. I like to help others 

Re: 3 Things I Like About Myself

I think this thread is such a great idea! A bit of self love and appreciation is always needed! The three things I like about myself are: 1. I am a good friend and am always there for my friends 2. I like my sense of humour 3. I like my sense of style

Re: 3 Things I Like About Myself

great idea for a thread @queenP

1. i am compassionate towards others
2. I can empathise with anyone even if i dont fully understand what they are going through.
3. i give great hugs!
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: 3 Things I Like About Myself

Good thread @queenP .


Well I would say the following:


1. I am always determined in what I do (to do my best and do the job well and do what is necessary).

2. I am kind-hearted and compassionate (i always want to help people and make them smile).

3. I like my love for stories. 

Re: 3 Things I Like About Myself

These responses are bringing me so much joy! I love that you are all taking the time to do this, it's absolutely wonderful to watch Smiley Very Happy 


Don't worry @Bananatime04, it took me a lot of thinking and courage to finally type the things I came up with. It's one of the most difficult things you can do to be kind to yourself, so congratulations for having a think about it. That's the first step Heart When/if you feel comfortable and confident sharing your thoughts, I can't wait to hear them because I know firsthand how wonderful you are Smiley Happy 

Re: 3 Things I Like About Myself

That’s heartwarming @queenP ❤️ Best thing I’ve heard all day but I still haven’t thought of any.. I’ve been really negative

Re: 3 Things I Like About Myself

That's okay @Bananatime04, we all have days like that. It might take a bit of time to work out the parts of yourself that you like, and that's alright too. 

Re: 3 Things I Like About Myself