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Re: 3 Things I Like About Myself

1. I'm always trying to be the most optimistic and positive i can be

2. I am trying to be the best version of myself and being more open, friendly yet firmly sticking to who I am and what i believe in

3. I'm happy with me and my weird, goofy, penguin obsessed selfSmiley Happy

Re: 3 Things I Like About Myself

I am really glad I found this thread today. I think the universe is reminding me how great self love feels even in the face of external criticism!

1. I am strong
2. I am self aware
3. I am warm

Re: 3 Things I Like About Myself

[J] 1. I care about my family

2. I want to be the best person I can

3. I am kind and loving

Re: 3 Things I Like About Myself


I used to be able to think of more things... For now, I like that I am spiritual and have strong emotional intelligence.  I like my dry sense of humour, and I like that I am a vegetarian and care about animals Smiley Happy Woman Happy

Re: 3 Things I Like About Myself

Loving all of these beautiful responses! Here are my three for this week:

  1. I love that even when I am going through a tough time, I am always thinking about other people ad making sure they are okay
  2. I love how close I am with my family
  3. I am very generous and love giving gifts/charity/time to those who need and deserve it 

Re: 3 Things I Like About Myself

Nice work @ilovehatevodka and @queenP!

I haven't had a go at this yet

1. I've been able to develop loving, caring relationships with a lot of people in my life
2. I managed to stick with a uni degree and am finally nearly done
3. I'm still modding on RO after all these years Smiley Happy Heart
No human being, however great or powerful, was ever so free as a fish

Re: 3 Things I Like About Myself

Let's try some self-positivity today:
1. I like my imagination. It's not always fantastical, but it's still interesting.
2. I have excellent taste in cartoons Smiley Tongue Proven by me, because I like them.
3. I still made my bed this morning (a shoddy job but it got done) despite feeling like utter garbage.

Re: 3 Things I Like About Myself

1. I've learnt to let every new thing I face leave me a bit braver and more resourceful than I was before.

2. I'm learning to reveal my rainbow, weird and sometimes confusing self, even if I get treated differently for it. 

3. I like my hyper-empathy. It lets me feel things that I'd never experience otherwise, like the wind against the feathers of a flying bird. 

Re: 3 Things I Like About Myself

1. I like my courage to try new things and put myself out there

2. I like how caring I am for others 

3. I like how I am upfront and honest when it counts most 

Re: 3 Things I Like About Myself

[T] 1. I think I'm pretty good at making everyone else here laugh.

2. I always try to brighten everyone's day when I can.

3. I'm caring and I want to help out when I can.