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So, I just came across this AWESOME opportunity for all high school students to ask a video question to the PM, Jula Gillard on next week's Q and A on the ABC!!! 



So, I'd love to know what you would ask Julia?

What so you care about?

What;s going on in your school or community that you think shge should know about?

What change do you want to see in Australia?

Do you want to see a better focus and funding into Mental Health support, service or education?

Do you want to see gay marriage on the agenda?

Do you have an opinion about the Gonski education reforms?


I'd love to hear your thoughts here and really encourage you to upload a video question to the PM.

To upload your question - go to 

Online Community Manager



I would ask her what is she doing that is actually helping australia. 



I'd like to ask her why is making life harder for the disadvangaed people who are still struggling mentally and phyically with more medical cost and less help avalible. The education system is in shambles and the hospital hasn't have enough to  cope with the demand of patient's needs both private and public.....can't see the ideology why a extra tax is needed when famliys are already finding hard enough to make ends meet!


Plus public transport is not only expensive but the service woeful for the price we have pay to ride it. No wonder more cars on the road and more road rage, famliy breakdown etc. 1 st world country with 3rd world public transport system and inferstrucere and health system.


If this is progress.........why bother change at all???? All I see is this is a standard that is regressing, not getting better but worse!!!



I'd ask her about what's going on with University funding at the moment. Why is it so important to fund primary and high school education, only to hit tertiary education and get limited funding?  It seems unfair to me.