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Re: Achievements for 2014

I agree with @ruenhonx - it's really good to look back on the past and be proud of something. My biggest achievement this year is probably joining the ReachOut forums! Smiley Happy

Re: Achievements for 2014

This year has been pretty tough but looking back on it all really puts in perspective, I really have achieved some awesome things!


•Survived another year at uni and have been doing really well. 

•Ended up getting a job related to my field

•Started writing and playing music with friends again. Music is a huge hobby of mine and for a long time I neglected it, being so busy with study and work. I'm happy that i've been able to get back into it!

Re: Achievements for 2014

@stonepixie I had a similar thought as well when I first saw the post, but reading everyone else's... I'm going to give it a crack Smiley Tongue


At first I over complicated this, but I've come up with heaps of things I've achieved this year, some may not sound so significant, but when I look at me as a person I've done amazing to do so!

(In not partcular order or importance)

  • Left a toxic friendship group (I say left because I didn't fight the other girls intention of ending the friendship after a fight!) And I was able to move on from the friendship fairly quickly, and continue to tell myself I didn't need that negitivity in my life anymore
  • Joined a course which I knew no one who was in it - eg childcare. 
  • Formed some friendships in said course
  • Got myself a job, on my own merit, not because of who I knew (and am forming friendships with coleagues in said job)
  • Started seeking help with Eheadspace & continued to do so.
  • Was able to go back to the dentist and fix my teeth, and continue with the many appointments! (and we're still not done yet!)
  • Upgraded to my Greens! Smiley Happy
  • Started saving, and have managed to save quite a bit in about a month! Smiley Surprised Smiley Happy


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Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart


Re: Achievements for 2014

2014 has actually been a really great year for me and it sounds like it's been really great for everyone else too Smiley Very Happy


Probably my biggest achievements are:

  • Graduated from my Masters (and absolutely smashed it).
  • Have gotten to the final stage of a job interview process in my  field of study (waiting to hear back in the new year).
  • Really had a massive improvement at my current job in the way everyone regards me. I feel like I've gone from just a normal employee to someone that people actually defer to / seek out to do extra stuff because they trust my work.