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Re: Adult colouring books ?

Colouring in one of my go to's for self-care. And I thought I would upload my recent works. I recently got these two books in the post that I pre-ordered months ago - and I'm just in love with these artists




Page I finished last night from Maria Trolle - Flora 



Page I'm working on now from the same book


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Re: Adult colouring books ?

Love those @Bee!

I'm planning to do a bit of colouring this afternoon Smiley Happy

I've recently found out about spirographs, which enable you to draw your own mandalas to colour in. You can buy them cheaply (they're available in $2 shops) and they seem like an additional way to bring creativity into colouring! 

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Re: Adult colouring books ?

@letitgo OMG I had spirographs when I was younger! I had a mini set in a little cary box which had the circle thing on the top! And I remember when I went to questacon in year 5 they had one that had a pen on a strong and it went around drew one - it was soooo cool! I wonder if I still have the drawing it made... I think I may still have the spirograph set somewhere Smiley Tongue Although I do recall seeing a HUGE one for chalk at the reject shop a couple of months back that you had to put together! I was so tempted to get it, but didn't lol

How did you go with your colouring?

I've done a couple more pages since those above. But alas I've shared them on facebook so thus can't share here.

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart