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Adulting: Looking for work

Hi everyone , 


I hope to find some regular work on my own to fun the things I want to do. 


We have resources on CV and the internet. 

Re: Adulting: Looking for work


I'm looking for work too but I find it really hard to get employed. :'(

I'm just not an attractive candidate for even simple roles. 

Good luck with your search @BunnyWalks.

Re: Adulting: Looking for work

Good luck @BunnyWalks and @Ladybug . I am in the process of trying to finish my resume so that I can apply for a new job. I have been procrastinating so much because I have been quite anxious about it. I am nervous about the job role even though a part of me knows I can do it. 


Re: Adulting: Looking for work

@BunnyWalks I'm so glad you made this thread! Having a job definitely makes it easier to fund the things you want to do, what kind of work would you like to do?

@Ladybug @mspaceK First off I wanted to empathise with the fact that looking for work can be so stressful, time-consuming and difficult!
Ladybug - I'm sorry to hear you don't feel like your an attractive candidate for roles. I wonder why you feel this? eg multiple applications but no results?
mspaceK resumes can be daunting to write at first! Best of luck with finishing it, remember to include all your best traits etc Smiley Happy I used a word document template and adapted it to my liking Smiley Happy
Being nervous about job roles is okay, it's something a lot of people experience and I think it's natural. One thing that helped with my last interview was actually mentioning that. Often I know can do something but I don't have the confidence to say yes I can do it. And along with everything else I got the job. (of course, I had applied for the role twice before and interviewed once before! So my key message here is not to give up because you've applied before)

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Adulting: Looking for work

Thank you @Bee . I managed to work a bit more on it last night and I have a goal to get it finished this weekend. I find interviews very scary. 

Re: Adulting: Looking for work

Getting a job is so so tough! It takes a lot of motivation to keep applying to lots of jobs especially if you are feeling disheartened from not hearing back after dropping your resume or interviewing. I really empathise with you @BunnyWalks and @Ladybug Smiley Sad

@Ladybug sorry to hear you've been feeling like you aren't an attractive candidate for the jobs you've been applying for. I really think every person has something that they would be really good at. Have you ever tried writing a list of strengths or qualities that you value in yourself? I find this helpful to do if I'm feeling low.

@mspaceK that's great that you are working on your resume Smiley Happy I also find interviews extremely nerve wracking - I think lots of people do. Have you used any strategies in the past that have helped you to feel a little bit less nervous about them?

I second @Bee's message about not giving up. I would also suggest trying out volunteering if you aren't already doing this. When I was struggling with unemployment I found doing volunteering helped me to build up more self-confidence.

Re: Adulting: Looking for work

@May_  hey I don't really know of many  strategies for job interviews besides being as prepared as i can for what we will talk about and what might be asked. I get really nervous in front of authority which makes it difficult. 

Re: Adulting: Looking for work

@mspaceK I'm glad to hear you were able to work on your resume more the other night Smiley Happy Best of luck to get it finished this weekend Heart
Interviews are pretty scary! I've pretty much always felt anxious walking into interviews. Even the interview which landed me my job now I was anxious. It can be so difficult to try and get past the scariness of it.
Things I found helpful were
- focusing on my breath
- noticing my surroundings, if I can manage to feel comfortable in my surroundings I will appear more comfortable and confident
- get a good nights' sleep the night prior
- be yourself and back yourself. Have confidence in yourself that you are good enough for the role (but not too much that you may appear up yourself or to good)

I hear you with getting nervous in front of authority mspacek Heart I hope some of the strategies I listed about help

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Adulting: Looking for work

@mspaceK being prepared is definitely a great strategy to help you feel more confident. What kinds of things help you to feel prepared?

I can really empathise with feeling nervous around authority figures Smiley Sad I always appreciate whenever interviewers try to create a more relaxed environment.

@Bee has shared some great strategies! Smiley Happy Personally I find it helpful to:
- Research the organisation and come up with some questions I would like to ask about them and the role
- Write out some answers to common interview questions (Eg tell us a bit about yourself, situation when you had to deal with conflict or work as a team, what is your past experience, a strength and weakness, etc)
- Review my resume and make sure I'm really familiar with it
- Practice reading my answers out loud (helps so much for me!)
- Practising meditation and deep breathing beforehand

Re: Adulting: Looking for work

Hi @May_ I've downloaded a CV template there roles I'm keen on Office, CS roles, front desk roles, Bar Jobs and labour roles and cleaner jobs too.

That way if I'm ever fired or made redundant to there are jobs I can immediately apply for and add other references.

There probs more i can try right now i I'll draft out a few CVs and keep doing unpaid roles in or out of uni ( Sports clubs, volunteer at events, Music festivals, even copywriting).

There been alot of disruption in my life personally ( family) , right now im comforting my self that you dont have to be there now, you can fix things in your control right now.

Also being mindful as a Unistudent and accept my current capacity for professional ability.