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Re: Adulting: Looking for work

@BunnyWalks Sorry to hear things have been disruptive for you lately - it can be really tricky to balance all of these things when you're studying too. It's great that you're working on the CV and doing some volunteer work, how have you found the volunteer work you've been doing?

Re: Adulting: Looking for work

@May_Sorry that you've had bad experiences too Smiley Sad Sadly, I don't think it's uncommon for young people. I try to focus on the positive from the experiences. At least I learned a few new things and I had been interning at one of the locations for several months, so I got a lot of experience in something a paid employee should have really been doing. I also had another couple of internships where I was treated better and I got good references out of them, so there are some nicer employers out there.

For me, it was mostly the way the employers went about it that was the problem for me. I wouldn't have minded if they had told me that the internship was going to be for a set amount of time or if they had just told me that they now need to hire someone with more experience as it was a start-up when I was hired. But the way they tried to make it feel like it was my fault and burn their bridges with me was hurtful. I was also upset that the owner promised me a better, expanded role a few weeks before only to turn around and 'fire' me. If I had been a paid employee and working there longer, I believe it would have been an unfair dismissal.

I have similar feelings about one of the other places I interned at. They should have mentioned the true extent of the travelling involved as I had previously told them that I wanted to be based at the office closest to my house and did not want to travel long distances. They were also advertising that they were looking for volunteers in my area and nearby suburbs, so I had no reason to doubt them. They had a lot of opportunities to tell me if there was a change of location but chose not to until the day I started interning. I feel like they wasted a lot of my time and money and it was also hurtful that they were unsupportive, unapologetic and lacking in empathy when I brought up the issue and attempted to reach a compromise. I wouldn't have been as upset with them if they had been more honest or if they had told me from the start that nearby locations were subject to availability. I believe they could have given more local work but decided not to because it was more beneficial for them.

One positive out of these experiences has been that they have taught me how not to treat people, improving my social skills.  Smiley Happy Writing down how I feel on paper also helps.

Re: Adulting: Looking for work

@WheresMySquishy it sounds so frustrating that they were unapologetic and unsupportive when you brought up the issue - but it is really great that you were able to do that as hopefully in the future they won't treat someone like that again. It's awesome how many positives you've been able to identify from these experiences Smiley Happy

Re: Adulting: Looking for work

@mspaceK @BunnyWalks It surely is hard to find work but the only thing that we have in our control is to keep applying even if you get rejections your way still don't give up. I am sure you guys will find one soon Smiley Happy

All the best Smiley Happy


Re: Adulting: Looking for work

@WheresMySquishy I'm sorry to hear about your family member and the run around you've had with the hospital Heart
Your experience with the internship sounds really frustrating. I'm glad that you were able to take away from positive lessons learnt from it though Smiley Happy

@dingo100 woo congrats on the job! WOOOOOO Smiley Very Happy


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Re: Adulting: Looking for work

Hi @May_

Yes i have. Ive appield to volunteered at the community garden, I need some human contact.
hope fully this leads to paid work in another field. Right now its for one day.

Re: Adulting: Looking for work

@BunnyWalks well done, that's awesome! Do you mean you are doing it one day per week?