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Re: Am I still in love with my ex??

Hi @Mermaidgirl6, I'm really sorry to hear that you haven't felt welcomed here on ReachOut. I know it can be a bit intimidating to join a large community like this, but please know that all your contributions are welcome. There was nothing in your original post that was triggering or mean-spirited, you shared some of your own experiences and that's what we're all about - listening and supporting each other. I'm glad to hear you have decided to be true to yourself, and I hope you will stick around the forums.

Re: Am I still in love with my ex??

All good!! 😝Thank you @ElleBelle for your encouraging comment! i'm sure it was just perspective, and yes its a pleasure to have my say, and toss ideas around with the hasnt been that bad an experience! Lol 😝


take care y'all!



Re: Am I still in love with my ex??

Thanks @Mermaidgirl6. If you're looking for a mental health forum that are geared towards adults, you could check out the SANE Forums instead!

Re: Am I still in love with my ex??

Talk to her and tell her about what you feel. You might not know what will happen next, but at least, you did told her what you really feel. Smiley Happy

Re: Am I still in love with my ex??

@ElleBelle Thanks so much for the suggestion! I did click on your link, but haven't had any time or inclination to set up a profile there. Been quite busy with stuff out here! Smiley Happy Have a great weekend?

Re: Am I still in love with my ex??

@ElleBelle I say - don't blame the past or anyone!!..At least I'm unique! - like everybody else Smiley Wink

Everyone is so friendly basically here anyway, so the more I do what i love out here - the happier I am in general with life adn myself Heart


@TommyC Feelings take time to sort out, don't they?

@Autumn Talking about how you feel takes guts to open up to someone about.


I need those people and connection times and chilling out/sharing times to grow and give back, and it's what i want in my life! Smiley Happy


In my experience, having 'unfinished business' with someone is good to get settled, especially when there are amicable feelings , and caring in the bond....In the past I have wanted something bad...Always awesome when they understand you and esp that u meant no harm EVER - and are cool about a LOT of things (Miss Easygoing here! Smiley Wink ).



Re: Am I still in love with my ex??

You make some really great points @Mermaidgirl6!  and I'm so happy to hear that you're in a really good place and are happier in life and with yourself!


Social anxiety can definitely make things tricky, but it sounds like you've already got some strategies in place to help deal with that, which is awesome to hear!