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An interview with Bay52VU !

I thought it might be an idea to resurrect the old interview threads we used to do and @N1ghtW1ng told me to ages ago. So i pretty much have to Smiley Happy.


Just like last time, I'll pick one of you and and ask you some questions! So keep an eye on your inbox, you could be next!  


This month we're interviewing @Bay52VU


You might have run into them helping out on tough times or sharing some incredible insights like these@Bay52VU also made this pretty epic thread about pronouns, and got us thinking a little harder about gender identity (we're going to do an infobus on this in March!).


Bay52VU is awesome because they're not afraid to share some of the amazing things they have learned from their own lived experience and because of this they have helped to make a big difference for a lot of people here in our little community, and that's what we're here for at ReachOut! 


Okay here's the interview. 



What was the last game you played?
There's a browser game that I found out about today called, where you're a little cell and have to absorb other cells to grow. It's simple but weirdly addictive. But the game that I'm always playing on my smarthphone is Magic Piano - I'd recommend it if you've got an apple branded device, but the free andriod version of the game is really limited (aaand I've only got andriod, them's the breaks).
What is the funniest thing you have ever seen? This could be online or in real life Smiley Happy 
I'm not sure about the funniest thing ever... But my top funniest gif is:
What's the first thing you click on after you log in to the forums?
I multi-tab the Hanging out and Something's not right subforums. Hanging out - so that I can catch up on what everyone's been up to, and Something's not right - so I can see how everyone's doing, and see if anyone's experiencing anything that I've been through to maybe offer my thoughts/support.
Do you have any hobbies?
I have infrequent hobbies. I get really psyched up about something, do it hard(er, better, faster), then randomly my enthusiasm for it fizzles out, and then I'm left with zero hobbies until the next thing sparks my interest. Currently, my hobbies are learning the basics of a couple of programming languages, and I'm in the initial stages of starting a robot-building hobby (ie. buying soldering stuff). However my main 'thing' (it's really not even a hobby because it's just... me!) is singing when I don't think anyone can hear me.
What are some tips you could give to someone who is anxious about doing something that they have to do? 
The main tips I'd give are:
- Try to focus on what you'll achieve by doing it - maybe it'll really help someone else out, maybe it'll be something that benefits you short term/long term, maybe it's just something that's the honest/mature thing to do and can give you a sense that you're doing the right thing. Whatever the reason that it needs to be done, there's an important achievement to get from it. And that's your reason for persisting even when it feels really hard.
- "Without fear there cannot be courage." - Christopher Paolini. You are not weak for feeling anxious about it. You are brave because you're going to try anyway.
- Find out information in advance. If you have a basic idea of how things are gonna go, then this can really help to remove some of the uncertainty and the "what if..?!" that might be stressing you out.
- Talk it through with someone that you trust. If you have specific worries, then it can be useful to get them off your chest. It's also useful to know that other people are cheering you on, whether that's in your personal life or on RO! 
And thats our interview for January! Thanks @Bay52VU!! 
Now to go back to playing i mean work. 

Re: An interview with Bay52VU !

Great interview and great advice, thanks @Bay52VU! I really want to make my own BB8 robot. Smiley Happy



Re: An interview with Bay52VU !

I think without fear there is no courage is one of my favourite quotes ever, awesome to read more about you, @Bay52VU!!!
we are what we repeatedly do - aristotle

Re: An interview with Bay52VU !

I am very similar with hobbies @Bay52VU -- I have a very short attention span! At the moment I am obsessed with learning French on Duolingo haha.

Your advice is so great too… I always procrastinate and get anxious about things so I have bookmarked this to look at later!

Re: An interview with Bay52VU !

YAY @Bay52VU


I also sing, especially in the car where noone can hear me. Once or twice people in the cars beside me have caught me out and that gets awkward but it makes me feel good. Also completely get the infrequent passions, i find it hard to make habits.


Thanks for posting!

Re: An interview with Bay52VU !

Thanks for sharing with us these great tips and more about you @Bay62VU! Smiley Happy

What programming languages have you been learning?
|| Life runs in cycles, the wheel never stops turning, no matter how dark the night morning comes, no matter how cold the winter, spring comes. When you feel despair know that the wheel is turning, joy will come. ||

Re: An interview with Bay52VU !

Thanks everyone Smiley Happy


@blithe a BB8 robot would be awesome! 


@ClCl I was learning Perl, but that's on hiatus at the moment. Currently just javascript, SQL and VBA for Excel... But only in very early stages with each of them.


Re: An interview with Bay52VU !

That's so cool that you're learning code @Bay52VU. It's so cool Smiley Very Happy

Re: An interview with Bay52VU !

Hahahahahahaha that gif, I cannot stop watching it.

Re: An interview with Bay52VU !

What an awesome interview @Bay52VU! I love that bees gif so much Smiley Tongue