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An interview with... redhead!

"An interview with..." is a monthly feature interview with a forum member - though we've had a few months off while we have been short-staffed!! But totally back on track now!. So, when will it be your turn? Keep an eye out for an email from us coz we are interviewing someone new every month... who will we interview next month? It's a great way to find out more about the people who make this place so great!



redhead joined the forums pretty recently but since joining, redhead has turned into quite the regular! redhead can almost always be found posting in all wide variety of threads, but you'll often find redhead hanging out playing games which has really helped everyone get to know redhead, and redhead get to know everyone!!! redhead seems to have a great perspective on what self care so we can all learn something from that! You'll also sometimes find redhead getting involved in Getting Real sessions, like Monday night's session on body image.


So lets get to know... @redhead  !!!


How did you first hear about

i first heard about RO through google about 5 years ago

Wow, 5 years ago! What made you get more active lately?
I saw in Facebook a infobus session I was interested in and decided to join
Back when you introduced yourself in April you said you were grateful for your awesome house! Tell us why it's so awesome...

i live in supported accomodation, but we have our own units. its really great. i love living by myself. 


Me too! You get really involved in the games! What do you like about them and what's your favourite RO game?

my favourite game is lets count to 1000000. i love the games because its a lot of fun, a good distraction and you get to know the other members.

What are three of your strengths?

im caring, compassionate and determined

You are really into body peircing! Tell us about your peircings. 

i love body peircings but dont have that many (because of the job i want). i have 18mm spacers, my helixes peired. i also have 3 tattoos.

What job is that? Tell us why it appeals to you.

I want to become an age carer or a disability worker. I want to help and care for people. 

What's your favourite song at the moment?

my favourite song at the momemnt is stitches by haste the day (but its probably not appropriate for the forum so ill say my favourite sone is Artificial light by Demon Hunter)

You've participated in Getting Real sessions and Infobus. If you were going to run a session, what topic would you choose and why?

i think it would be really to cool to run a session on psychosis. it would be really interesting to see what people know about it and what to do if you experience it.

What's your favourite way to spoil and treat yourself?

eating chocolate or going for a walk, its a toss up.


Seen any good movies or tv shows lately?
i dont watch tv. but i have been watching a lot of stargate. its the best show ever (with firefly coming closely behing)

(I loooooove firefly too!)


So, thanks for taking the time to do our interview redhead - and to everyone else, keep an eye on your email inbox coz you might just be next!

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Re: An interview with... redhead!

@redhead I love that you want to help and care for people, you sound like an amazingly caring person Smiley Happy I love tattoos, what kind do you have?
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Re: An interview with... redhead!

I agree with @redhead We should have a session on psychosis.

My entire life can be described in one sentence: It didn't go as planned and that's okay. ツ