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Anime! ^-^

Hi everyone!

I love anime so much! I was wondering what everyone's favourites were?

My list includes:

- Hunter x Hunter

- Food Wars

- Seven Deadly Sins

- Fullmetal Alchemist (Brotherhood) 

- Sword Art Online 

- Himotou Umaru (this is where my avatar is from!) 

and so many more!


Hunter x Hunter!Hunter x Hunter!


Re: Anime! ^-^

Awesome thread @missep! I'm not the biggest anime fan, but my friend introduced me to some and I watched them with her. There was Death Note, Attack on Titan, Ouran Host Club High (whichever Smiley Tongue), Free!, erm... a basketball one and I think that was about it. Smiley Tongue

Re: Anime! ^-^

Hey! Me and my flatmate love watching Anime films, their story lines are the best and I love the way they illustrate the emotions of the characters.


I recently watched the movie Your Name (or Kimi no Na wa in Japanese), took me a while to figure what was going on but if you love anime with an over the top love story (a must have for me haha) then you should try it out!



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Re: Anime! ^-^

Hey @N1ghtW1ng! Thank you Smiley Very Happy 

Out of the ones you've watched I've seen Death Note and Attack on Titan! So awesome. I love the plot twists and how clever they are! 

Japan loves their sports animes haha! Somehow they make it seem super exciting and climatic! 


Re: Anime! ^-^

Hey @LibbyRO!

Yes! I love Anime movies as well, because their plots are usually so much bigger and climatic and you can do so much more when it's in an anime platform rather than normal one!

I've seen Your Name! I teared up. I thought it was amazing. It had a huuuuge cult following in Japan too! 

Have you seen Wolf Children? It's a bit of a slower paced movie but I found it to be quite beautiful. It won a lot of awards as well! 


Re: Anime! ^-^

Hey @missep, cool thread!

I haven't watched much anime, except One Piece, which I enjoyed! And bits and pieces of Avatar - does that count?

And I love Howl's Moving Castle and Spirited Away, although not sure if they're classified as anime or not.

When I was younger I enjoyed one called Tokyo Mew Mew - all the characters had such cool costumes!

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Re: Anime! ^-^

One Piece is so awesome! It's so long though! I want to commit to watching it but I would want to watch the whole thing so I think I'll start when I have more time Smiley Happy

I would definitely count Avatar as anime! I think haha! Everyone tells me I should watch it! It's on my list for sure. 

Ah yes I love Ghibli movies! They're so creative and interesting! 



Re: Anime! ^-^

Hmm...guess I'll say I grew up with Naruto haha. Watched it since the beginning and barely missed a week until it finished lol. I've watched One Punch Man. It's kinda hilarious, turning serious-ish scenes into comedy. I remember I watched Pokemon long looong ago at the beginning.
Anything else? Howl's Moving Castle, Spirit Away, Kiki's Delivery Service (is that what it was called?) and Totoro
Now I'm just keeping up with Dragon Ball Super every week Smiley Tongue

Re: Anime! ^-^

That's awesome! I feel like Naruto got too long for me to catch up Smiley Tongue
I have started watching One Punch man! My boyfriend recently got it on DVD so I can binge watch with him Smiley Happy