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Re: Anyone else actually work/study more with anxiety?

@ayrc_1904 Hi again! I'm always so spaced out between messages but I feel like that's because my life has gone upside down recently. 


The puppy has gotten a lot better over time Smiley LOL although he's gotten in the habit of sitting next to you and crying for attention. Really annoying when I'm studying and sleeping in because he seems to have a preference for annoying me!

Congrats on your last semester too! Heart Maybe you were drained because you were putting so much effort in. I'm glad that it's over for you too. Hopefully the difficulty will go back to normal this year? Smiley Happy


So I ended up getting accepted to do a thesis on mental health law in the workplace so I'm super excited about that! I also did my summer unit, and it was a bit of a mess because of the cat thing. I ended up getting an extension on my assignment and only just managed to get it in. I knew it would drag me down and it did by a few marks so oh well. It was one of those ones you submit and just know the teacher wanted something different. I'm glad you're trying to take a break! It sounds like you're keeping yourself occupied and filling out some goals and objectives like meeting your friends which is awesome Smiley Happy I think I'd like to watch the Good Place actually! My friend keeps on showing me things she finds funny like the Office and Arrested Development and I'm like... not quite my humour Smiley LOL I get secondhand embarrassment too badly.


Thank you! Unfortunately it's been over a month now and we haven't had any news since the 6th... I've gotten to the point where I'm accepting it's out of my hands and someone needs to find her and be kind enough to take her to a vet for us to see her again. I lost a craft project I'd been working on earlier this week (it got knocked under some bags) and after everything that's been happening I absolutely BAWLED. We're now worried about my other cat who seems a bit depressed without her, so looking out for a friend for him.


Sorry once again for the radio silence but I hope you're still doing well!

Re: Anyone else actually work/study more with anxiety?

Hey! No problem at all Heart

Ooo!! So happy you're excited to do your thesis! That sounds like such an interesting topic! And I'm so glad you were able to get an extension. YES! The Good Place was a very good show haha


Aww Smiley Sad I hope that she'll come back to you though safe and sound. Losing your craft project must have been so upsetting! Are you planning on starting a new one soon? What type of craft do you like to do? From time to time, I paint with my sister because there's something about the movement of a brush that is just so calming and satisfying to watch! Not the best painter, but I mostly just do it for enjoyment  Smiley Happy


The past week for me honestly has been really sad. My grandfather unfortunately passed away about a week ago now. I feel like my family was preparing for it years and years ago since his health was deteriorating a lot and he's had so many surgeries and medical procedures, and yet, when he passed, it seemed way too fast. We had a funeral service which was beautiful and I said a eulogy which was good for me I think, because it gave me a chance to reflect and grieve. I'm a Christian, so I'm happy for him too because he's in heaven with God- he looked so, so peaceful when he passed and things weirdly fell into place! The days leading up to it, we took him to his favourite place in North Head to look at the ocean, he had his favourite sushi, he had one pill left in his medication, the timing was something to be grateful for too (my sister is moving to Melbourne for uni in about a week and was feeling really uncomfortable about moving knowing my grandpa was sick- almost like he wanted her heart at peace too), and just so many things. The weather was dreary too for a while until the day of his funeral the sun suddenly just shone through (he loves the sun so much), and he passed away so comfortably at home while just resting on his favourite recliner after a nice dinner which allowed our whole extended family to be with him and say our goodbyes (much better than in the hospital where there's still limited visits and time).


I think I'm also at peace with it all now. Just been looking after my grandma for now lately and sleeping over at her place so she doesn't feel so alone. 


Now I'm just trying my best to enjoy the last part of the holiday before uni! Hopefully it's a better and less stressful year than the last. Smiley Happy

Re: Anyone else actually work/study more with anxiety?

Yeah I'm super excited! I had my first meeting with my thesis supervisor last week and she was really lovely and set really reasonable expectations for what I should do before next week which makes me more motivated to get started myself. Unfortunately I also am doing stats and psychopathology this semester which are my last pre-psych honours units. I've initially been informed psychopathology might be a bit difficult because it's content heavy but its about doing diagnoses etc. which is really useful. And stats is... well I haven't done stats for a while and it's new software that I've only just become familiar with but everyone else has probably had experience with from their last stats unit (I did mine a million years ago Smiley LOL) but I found out the weekly quizzes are open all week which makes me feel SO much more confident about actually being able to do and learn the content.


No news about the cat unfortunately Smiley Sad There's nothing we can do anymore I don't think. My parents ended up deciding to get a new Siamese kitten- a boy so that if she does come back to us she will hopefully get along with him. I ended up finding my craft project a day or so later under some bags! So strange because my parents had already looked there but I'm not complaining Smiley LOL


Oh I'm so sorry to hear about that and that I only saw this yesterday and for your grandfather's passing Heart I feel like a lot of people have had grandparents pass recently and it takes a while for it to settle. If you don't mind me saying though it sounds like you had a really gorgeous goodbye both in the weeks before and also at his funeral, it sounds like a really healing experience. I also believe that he will have found peace now no matter what and that's all that really matters I think! I hope your grandma is doing okay- it's always a strange experience seeing how they'll respond to the experience as well.


I don't know if you're back at uni yet but I hope the rest of your holiday was very restful! What are you planning to study?

Re: Anyone else actually work/study more with anxiety?

Hi @ayrc_1904 , 


I'm so sorry, I only just saw your post now and wanted to say how sorry I am to hear about your grandfather's passing. It sounds like his last few days were really beautiful, I'm glad that he was able to enjoy some of his favourite experiences and spend time with your family. It's always so hard to say goodbye though, I have been through it with two of my grandparents over the last few years, and even when it's somewhat expected  it is still a huge shock processing that loss. I hope that you and your family are doing ok. 


@StormySeas17  your thesis sounds so interesting!! I hope that the year goes smoothly for you- I definitely had a love-hate relationship with stats (and SPSS!) at uni. Your supervisor sounds really lovely too Smiley Happy 


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Re: Anyone else actually work/study more with anxiety?

@StormySeas17 Aw I'm so glad!! Good to know your thesis supervisor is lovely since sometimes it can be really frustrating and disheartening when they either put too much pressure on you or don't really communicate with you at all. So happy for you! 


What a coincidence! I'm doing psychopathology and stats too! I love psychopathology even if it's content heavy though because it's one of those units that is actually practically applicable to what I want to do as a career later as a clinical psychologist. 


Smiley Sad Aw I'm sorry about your cat but I am so excited you're getting a new kitten! Smiley LOL Oo YAYAY!! Gosh I love the feeling of finding lost things haha


Thank you so much Heart We're all still dealing with it... grief is weird since you think you're alright but then some random memory or object or smell will remind you of them and it floods back. But overall, everyone in my family is managing alright. My grandma is also doing okay but finding it hard to sleep. I've been spending a lot of time with her lately to make sure she's okay. She's moving in with my family this coming Saturday actually! It'll be a big change for us all but it's for the best. 


I had my first week back this past week! It's been pretty good so far and I'm really enjoying it. I'm in my third year of studying in a bachelor of psych (honours) right now so I'm on the grind trying to get the grades to be admitted into 4th year honours!! Fingers crossed haha 

Re: Anyone else actually work/study more with anxiety?

Aw @Janine-RO- thank you so much Heart 

Yes, it's always hard especially when it's the first passing of someone in your family. I think nobody really knows what to expect or how they will deal with grief and loss until it finally happens. My family and I are doing okay now. Just very happy that his last few days were so memorable and peaceful filled with love and surrounded by all our extended family Smiley Happy