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Re: Anyone else actually work/study more with anxiety?

@ayrc_1904 Yep it was annoying but it's almost over so I should be okay! I think I have a thing where I hate having my routine changed on short notice. It just messes everything up and really shakes me. I've definitely made the choice to prioritise my studies over my work and I think that will help me stay on track!


Yep things have been okay Smiley Happy How about you?

Re: Anyone else actually work/study more with anxiety?

Hey @StormySeas17!

So sorry for the late reply! I've been so busy for the past 2 weeks. Uni has really gotten quite stressful and one of my lecturers accidentally posted the wrong information like 5 different times about this big assignment that's due in a fortnight. No chance of an extension though so that was a tad annoying since I had to re-write a lot of the things I had finished before she changed things on us.


Oh well though... I've gotten back on track and managed to stick to my own promises of keeping my nights free and for myself most of the time. 

I've been watching Gilmore Girls lately on Netflix and am lowkey addicted to it not even gonna lie. My sister got me hooked Smiley LOL


How have you been?


Re: Anyone else actually work/study more with anxiety?

@ayrc_1904 hey no worries I've been in the exact same boat! I had been doing super well with keeping on top of everything, then the assessments starting coming in and I started falling behind and then I had a depressive phase... not good! It sucks that your lecturer is being so difficult! They're probably thinking that everyone is in the same boat Smiley Sad I nearly had that happen because one of my convenors told us last week wanted us to make a plan for a negotiation we have to do and I had a big assessment due today. But it turned out that she didn't want us to submit it today, just wanted us to be on track. So I'm ignoring that Smiley Very Happy


I've heard good things about Gilmore Girls! At the moment my dad and I have been watching Studio Ghibli on Netflix. He's not used to Japanese cinema at all so it's really interesting how he's responding to a lot of the bittersweet endings!


You'll also be proud of me with my work. They tried to rope me into taking another lot of students and were asking me about every single day I might be free. And I was like nope, can't do that because I have a tut, nope I've got too much on my plate, nope I've got study to do that night... they got desperate and were like well if you know anyone who might want to tutor English can you let us know? So funny Smiley LOL having a pep talk team for my work has done wonders!

Re: Anyone else actually work/study more with anxiety?

Hey @StormySeas17

Omg YAY!! I am so, so proud of you! I'm glad that you've been able to look after yourself during challenging and busy times. 


Literally though... I am so grateful for these PAL tutors I have though. They clear so much of the lecture content up for me. Bless their souls Smiley LOL


Ooo my boyfriend loves Studio Ghibli films and he's been introducing them to me too recently. Which one's your favourite? 

Re: Anyone else actually work/study more with anxiety?

@ayrc_1904 Thank you! I'm doing my best- I got a new puppy the recently before last and wooooww that was a very difficult first week. We've finally gotten on top of things but he's a bundle of energy and I don't have time to look after him because of exams and I miss being able to! 


Hmm I don't know actually! I love Spirited Away but I ADORE the Cat Returns. It's such a cute film!


How have you been? Long time no talk!

Re: Anyone else actually work/study more with anxiety?

Hey @StormySeas17 


OMG A PUPPY!!! I love dogs but I don't have one myself Smiley Sad I make do by appreciating my friends puppies hahaha


Aw I feel you though! I've been so damn busy with exams the past few weeks. It was super stressful because some of my lecturers hadn't taught the topic all that well and most of my 'study' time was actually researching and trying to teach myself which was annoying. But I did it! FINALLY FINISHED TODAY!


You got this! Exams are a drag but there's sunshine at the end. I'm just really looking forward to resting a lot more, taking care of myself and prioritising myself more. I'm planning on taking this summer holiday to rest, brainstorm some better ways to manage stress and organisation for next year, get my P's (finally lol) and hopefully I'll have a Christmas casual job to keep me on my toes haha


Missed talking to you! What are you planning to do after exams?

Re: Anyone else actually work/study more with anxiety?

@ayrc_1904 Yes a puppy, a little Italian Greyhound Smiley Very Happy He is so full of energy and clingy omg. I let him in my bed once and now he's in my bed every single night, it's a good thing he doesn't take up much space Smiley LOL Apparently that's a classic breed thing though.


Omg my exams were exactly the same! I was lucky enough to have my special provisions extended and I spent my time (since they were online) trying to find the answers I didn't know somewhere or another. I have no idea how I'll do in two if I'm honest. And I ended up finding out that the new lecturer who was from my friend's uni actual gave them the same factual scenario in our exam Smiley LOL if only I'd asked him for notes. I had another exam which was multiple choice but a lot of the questions seemed subjective? Only time will tell!


That sounds amazing! Are these some new years resolutions? Smiley Very Happy What kind of organisation are you looking for? And I hope your P's test goes well! Let me know if you want any tips.


Hmm I'm pretty busy! I got elected as President of the Writer's society at my university! Which is going to be a lot of rebuilding work. I've taken on some volunteer work which involves public speaking and storytelling and despite my work I actually haven't written a speech myself since first year uni! Also I'm doing a summer unit and was really stressed it would ruin my December but all of the practical stuff is due in January so I just need to do all my prep work Smiley Very Happy All of my friends are born in October to December too so I've been busy working on presents. Other than that, eating too much and trying to get back into exercise Smiley LOL So I guess the question comes now: do you struggle with the holidays and feeling overwhelmed because there's no guidelines and nothing to do? I feel like I struggle more in the holiday season than during semester with my anxiety sometimes! 


I also feel obliged to complain about work, last week on Friday, Saturday and Sunday I had four students I had never met before come in and ask for help for assignments due THIS WEEK. Two of them had done no prep! Never in my years have I had this happen all at once at this scale Smiley Surprised 

Re: Anyone else actually work/study more with anxiety?

Hey @StormySeas17 


Omg so cute though!!! Honestly just any dog right now would be amazing for me hahaha


I'm really glad you had your special provisions extended! Smiley Very Happy Always a comforting thing to have. I'm sure you will have done absolutely fine on your exams! Good luck for the results Heart


hahaha not so much new years resolutions, and moreso just things I've been procrastinating or a little nervy about doing. I actually did end up getting a christmas casual job in retail! My friend works there and happened to have an opening at the store so I got called into an interview right away and I got the job! Kinda tiring because I seem to be rostered pretty much full days almost every day of the week but it's ok Smiley Very Happy All of the people I work with have been so amazing and lovely! Thanks for offering advice with Ps! I'm just trying to fill in my last few hours now haha


Congrats on being elected president!! That's awesome! I'm sure you'll do an amazing job in that role. You seem super busy too though this holiday hahaha 


Mmm... I think I actually don't feel as stressed in the holidays as I do during uni, but one thing I've noticed is I get unsettled and confused at times why I don't have as much to do and I sometimes go over things in my head a lot to try and think of ANYTHING I could possibly be doing. Kinda bad ngl... but I've started to become aware of it and when I am aware, I just try to relax and tell myself to enjoy the free time and do some self-care Smiley LOL


Smiley Embarassed... yikes! hahaha hopefully those students still do well though! 



Re: Anyone else actually work/study more with anxiety?

@ayrc_1904 Wow sorry for the late reply! It feels like ages away even though it was only a month ago!


Yeah he is pretty cute but he's driving us insane Smiley LOL He's so full of energy and is very demanding of our time, the other day we weren't giving him any attention so he literally jumped up on the dining room table to try and see me!


Thank you so much! I was so surprised with my results- this was essentially one of my best semesters ever! Which to me is so weird because I was doing an extra unit compared to usual, was working more and also had puppy to worry about. I think it was because I was doing electives which are always more easy than prescribed units. How did you go?


Yeah fair enough, I thought I had new years' resolutions and then life hit and I'm leaving them until things get better Smiley LOL I'm so excited to hear you got to be a Christmas casual! I remember people talking about casual roles and they're a lot of work but you'll be making those $$$ which is always awesome.


Thank you! I hope it will be good. Yep I had to submit an application to do a law thesis next semester. I'm also doing a summer law unit, animal law, which is so far okay. Unfortunately my cat got out the window and has been missing for 2 weeks and it's really been messing me up. We put up flyers yesterday and got a call from someone saying they saw her at the local park on Wednesday night- the park is 750m from our house! Which is good but also it's a huge park and idk how we'll find her. 


I know how you feel- even though this summer unit I'm probably happier doing it than just lying around doing nothing. Though I'm going to need an extension on this assignment because of everything going on! I get that feeling, I always try and jam pack my schedule. I've been trying to get off my phone and devote more time to my hobbies, which is sort of working?


Omg I'll never know about those students but I'm glad they're gone Smiley LOL

Re: Anyone else actually work/study more with anxiety?

Hey @StormySeas17!

So good to hear from you! Omg hahaha I guess puppies are always a littlllee bit more energetic than you'd like sometimes Smiley LOL 

Huge congratulations on your results for the last semester!! WOOHOO! Smiley LOL

I am so proud of you- stellar job Heart I did really well surprisingly too last sem! Weird since I felt more drained and like... the whole sem was so much harder than any others so far but I'm not complaining.


Ooo a thesis- that's exciting! I'm sure you'll do fantastic with that too. And yea, I feel like having a summer unit to do would be meh but also gives you something to fill up a huge amount of time with which, to be honest, I kinda wish I did one hahaha. BUT, I am trying to learn more and more to give myself a break and be ok with it. I've just been hanging out with my boyfriend more, watching Netflix and catching up with friends I haven't seen in agess. Netflix recommendations- Jane the Virgin, New Girl, Gilmore Girls, The Good Place, Umbrella Academy, Sex Education (a new season is coming out soon and I'm keen), Brooklyn 99...I think that's it for now (a mix of vibes I know Smiley Tongue)


Aw- I'm so sorry about your cat!! That must be so stressful Smiley Sad I really hope you find your cat soon! 


Wishing you a better week to come and I'm so happy to have had an update from you!