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Are Strong Emotions Normal ?

Some days I wake up for school feeling anxious and not wanting to go but I push myself to. Some days I'm feeling strong emotions such as Anger, Happy and that's really strong sadness, I go to school wanting the day to be over and even the weekends. Is This normal to feel emotions so strong? Wanting the days to be over? I only feel like this sometimes but some days these emotions are really strong. I don’t know if I'm not coping with my Dad post  Trumatic Stress and now my sister has been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Why am I not as happy as I was last year ? It’s starting to scare me these strong emotions and I don’t know what to do ? 

Re: Are Strong Emotions Normal ?

Welcome to RO @Dleehy2002 and thank you for sharing what's been going on for you. It sounds like emotionally things have been quite intense; and that there may be a few factors contributing to how you're feeling (Dad's PTSD and sister's diabetes); however I think the most significant point you make is that how you're feeling is scaring you and causing you concern so reaching out and getting some support now might be the best thing. Have you spoken to anybody (friend, teacher, counselor) about how you have been feeling?


Re: Are Strong Emotions Normal ?

Yes, I have spoken to my school counsellor about it and even though I have these emotions it’s  still scaring me. 

Re: Are Strong Emotions Normal ?

Hi @Dleehy2002 it’s really great that you’ve spoken to a counsellor. Did you find it helpful at all? Have you spoken to anyone else about your feelings? 


Im sorry your own emotions are scaring you right now. It can really suck when we don’t understand our own feelings! I know I have had times when my own sadness has scared me because I didn’t know why I felt that way. When this happens to me, I try to write down what I’m feeling and what I think may be causing that feeling. Do you think this technique could work for you? What do you think is the best thing to address your feelings? 

Re: Are Strong Emotions Normal ?

That's awesome that you've spoken to your school counsellor about it @Dleehy2002. Did you find it helpful? Or did they help you with creating a plan of the things you can do when you're emotions are scaring you?


If not, a really good option is having a chat to a Kids Helpline Counsellor when things are feeling particularly intense, or you could try coming up with a list of self-care and calming strategies to help you ride the wave of the emotion. Here's a couple of links you might find helpful?


How to be awesome at self-care

Developing a self-care plan

Relaxation Techniques


Have you tried any of these options before?