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What do you want to be when you grow up? Well, if you're not sure you want to do just one thing for the rest of your life, you're not alone. In this illumina...

Are you a multipotentialite?

So I spent forever wondering why I seem to be in many professions and want to learn so many things and never seem to specialise in anything. It made me feel like a jack of all trades and like I wasn't moving forward in life. Until I discovered the term "multipotentiality". If you're new to the concept, it seems like a big word isn't it? But if you break it down to multi-potential-ality, it seems way less intimidating!Smiley Tongue


A multipotentialite is someone with many interests and creative pursuits. If you find yourself with many hobbies, want to work or volunteer in many areas, or looking to learn 3-4 languages, chances are you're part of this awesome group! But no matter if you are or you're not, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!Heart


If you're a multipotentialite, what are the things that you enjoy doing or want to learn next? Do you think it's a superpower or a setback to be a multipotentialite?

I like to paint, sing, read, write, craft and crochet. I've learned 5 languages out of curiosity but I wouldn't say I speak them lol. I study many things at uni and I want to have multiple part-time jobs in the future instead of having 1 full-time job. I think my multiple interests benefit me lots because they teach me to adapt easily!


And if you prefer to specialise in one thing, that's great too! What is it that you specialise in and why do you love it? It could be anything, professional or recreational (drawing, music, writing, planning, being a vet etc.)


Here's a great TED talk on multipotentiality if you're interested!



Re: Are you a multipotentialite?

Oh my goodness you know when you watch a Ted talk and you think "Wow i have to show this to everyone i know"?! I am having that momenttttt! 

That was so great, I have never heard of this concept thank you so much for introducing it here @November13, I can think of a number of people in my life who would be interested in this.


If you're a multipotentialite, what are the things that you enjoy doing or want to learn next? Do you think it's a superpower or a setback to be a multipotentialite?

I enjoy theatre, music, animals, working with communities - and newly crochet as well! (how cute is crochet?!). That is awesome you learned 5 languages Cat Surprised - and i think you're right about adapting easily. Something this post and the Ted made me think about was how so many people in my life asked "Oh so that part of your life is over?" (about my creative pursuits) when I went back to uni to study something else and I was sort of like "Oh um no, not necessarily, I just like multiple things" And I thought I was heaps odd!


Have you had that experience too? Where people assume you're not interested in something anymore because you're doing something else?

Re: Are you a multipotentialite?

Woah, that's a cool video! Smiley Surprised I always wondered why I just focus on one thing until I get bored of it and move on! This is why figuring out what I want to do with my life is so stressful! Cause I don't want to pick that one thing and be stuck with it forever

Re: Are you a multipotentialite?

Hi @November13, what an unreal post and a term I have never heard of before!! What a great idea to share - chefs kiss haha.

If you're a multipotentialite, what are the things that you enjoy doing or want to learn next? Do you think it's a superpower or a setback to be a multipotentialite?
I definitely think its a superpower - I love psychology, art, reading and writing, crafts and sports. I have dabbled in MANY pursuits and I am so grateful that I am this way, we are never board thats for sure.

So a bit of a back story - I always knew psychology and art were my two biggest passions and so I started my university journey doing a double degree with secondary teaching with a major in psych and a minor in visual arts so I could teach both and get the best of both worlds. but this left be super unsatisfied and so I decided to pursue being a clinical psychologist and have my art as a side hobby.

Now, I am pursuing my masters in clinical psych and just launched my own website and business selling my art and I love it. My biggest piece of advice being a multipotentialite is to dabble in EVERYTHING you have interest in and GO FOR IT. Try it all and dont worry about what anyone thinks or says. you will love the entire process I promise you.

Im excited for you, @Hannah-RO, Lost_Space_Explorer5 and every other multipotentialite. its an exciting life

Re: Are you a multipotentialite?

Wow it's great to see people can relate to this! Thank you everyone!


@Hannah-RO yes I definitely sent this video to about a million people after I first watched this! And yes, crochet is the best thing ever! I may or may have not spent this whole morning crocheting instead of doing my assignment haha. What do you like to crochet? And the "Oh so that part of your life is over?" thing is sooo relatable! I went back to uni to study something else as well and people keep asking me if I'll chuck my whole other degree lol.


@Lost_Space_Explorer5 sounds like you're gonna know so many different things and will be a unique addition to any team! And who said you have to stick with one thing forever Smiley Wink? With your broad skillset you can move on to the next thing in 1 sec!


@Wolfie_ Of course you can never be bored with all those awesome interests! Psych and art are cool, I love them both as well! Sounds like you're having the best of both worlds! And that's the best advice ever. I'm excited for you too, good luck with your businessHeart What kind of art do you do?

Re: Are you a multipotentialite?

Omg, you know the ted talk is good when you think of someone to send it to within a minute of starting it! @November13 I love the idea of having many jobs and being able to do something new everyday. I think you'll really enjoy it!


@Hannah-RO that's so odd people thinking that your creative career was over because you're starting uni, I assume that isn't the case! I think that multitasking makes me feel more positive about all of my pursuits honestly Smiley Very Happy Good luck with your crochet, I found out last year that it's harder than it looks!

@Lost_Space_Explorer5 you remind me of my friend, she loves to jump hobbies and her mum is constantly on her back hoping she settles on one thing! What kind of things are you interested in doing?


@Wolfie_ I love that you've been able to turn your hobby into a business! Maybe one day you could synthesise and become an art therapist Smiley Wink


I'm definitely a multipotentialite! Specialising has never given me the same excitement as being able to study and learn about many things at once. I'm doing law and psychology with no interest in being a lawyer, and I don't even know if I want to be a clinical psych and have to specialise in one thing! I also do tutoring and coaching on the side but don't want to be a teacher Smiley LOL I think the thing she said about adaptability is super true, I want a job where I can think on my feet more than anything else, plus I find that having many different areas of experience makes me much more confident than just being perfect at one thing. It's so nice to hear about the multipotentialite experience because my two degrees are very streamlined and I'm excited to do both at different times in my life!


I think my main interests are in refugee and indigenous law, dispute resolution and mediation,  relationship counselling, working in a high school as a counsellor or psychologist, and being a university tutor or lecturer. My current idea is that I'm going to start in the psychology and counselling area and move into law later since law scares me a lot more, but who knows, maybe I'll find some work in legal research or policy!


The main downside of this passion to learn I think will be being in debt from all the courses unfortunately! I also have resigned myself to the fact I'll be at uni or studying forever so I'm thinking of doing a PhD as a meme now, may as well Smiley LOL Another detriment is that I feel like all of my friends who are specialising are starting to chase their careers and I'm stuck in the casual work world still Smiley Sad It's important to remember that how much you make and how prestigious your work position is isn't always a sign of how happy and fulfilled you feel with your life.

Re: Are you a multipotentialite?

@StormySeas17 Hehe, yup I get super focused on one hobby for a while then give up on it it's kinda strange πŸ˜‚ Idk I like to dabble in random things.. but then get bored of them quickly. Some things last longer than others but atm I've been drawing and animating stuff but I'm actually starting to get bored of that. I used to do ice skating and piano before covid but I just haven't been able to motivate myself to get back into them.

Now that I think of it this even happens with music. Like at one time I'm really into a certain genre then suddenly go completely off it but it comes back around eventually

Does anyone else get utterly obsessed with something for like three days to a week, spending most of your day on the hobby or task or whatever it is, and then like when it's finished you move onto the next thing? I once did this with making my own books (by sewing them together), happily made two books (and some prototypes) and then never picked up the skill again?

Re: Are you a multipotentialite?

Absolute chefs kiss is right @Wolfie_ ! And i agree, i think it is an exciting life indeed. That is so cool that you are selling your art with a website you launched! I think there is something about "Multipotentiality" where peeps are just happy to be like .. Yeah I'll try that, why not?! 


Hahah @November13 I can definitely get lost in crochet too! I am honestly still pretty crap at crochet so I just sort of do squares, but I want to make something (something simple, I am V much a novice!) for a new baby in my life, any suggestions on a simple, cute crochet project? 

Also love how people are like "you just gonna chuck your other degree?" and it's like "Um.. no? It was quite a lot of work actually...not heaps keen to throw it completely out the window!"


Thank you for your support @StormySeas17 ! I FEEEEL what you're saying about the good old debt! And also about friends careers. I found it comforting that when I was doing my most recent degree, that the age range of the cohort was from about 21 - 65 and i was like wow this is cool, peeps are just going at their own pace Heart And all your potential career paths sound amazing! It's exciting to be interested in lots of things Smiley Very Happy


Making books sounds so lovely @Lost_Space_Explorer5 ! I get what you're saying about being interested in something then not ever revisiting it though, I used to do this with musicals, like I would get obsessed with a musical for like a week then be like whatevs about it Cat LOL




In this tutorial I will teach you how to crochet the Easiest Hat Ever. Fast and easy DIY gift for yourself or someone you know. I love this hat for the cold ...

Re: Are you a multipotentialite?

@StormySeas17 I think lots of multipotentialites feel behind on their career at first because we grow horizontally rather than vertically like specialists. But my careers consultant said everyone grows both ways and we'll all meet at some point, when the specialists start to gain a wider skillset like we do. It's just a matter of which way you grow first!



@Lost_Space_Explorer5 haha I feel personally attacked about the "when it's finished you move onto the next thing" stuff. I'm nervously looking at my felt craft stash right now!



@Hannah-RO Awww babies are the best thing ever! This was the first hat I ever made. Lots of people in the comments said they're beginners and they nailed it so I think it's a great start!


Of course we wanna change the number of foundation chains and total number of rows so it fits a baby's head (the starting chain will be how tall the hat is, and number of rows is how wide). And of course use the cutest sooooftest baby yarn lol, it makes the process so much more enjoyable Smiley Happy


I hope I made sense, or if you love making squares just do the same thing but bigger and voila, you got a blankie or blanket (depends on how patient you are lol). Good luck and do tell me how you went!

Re: Are you a multipotentialite?

Thank you so much for this @November13 ! I am so keen to give this a go! I'm going to try and get some heaps cute and soft baby yarn and just crochet my lil heart out Heart


I would LOVE to make a blanket but I think I need to get some much thicker yarn or it will take me 10 millions years Cat LOL