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Asexual ?¿?¿

So I'm a 15 (almost 16) year old female and I think I may be asexual. I know that it may just be that I'm not "mature" enough yet because I'm still pretty young, but all my friends are boy crazy. If they're single, they're talking about how hot their crushes and different celebs are, and if they're in a relationship then they're all over each other like leeches. This makes me feel very awkward and weird because I have never been attracted to any celeb before because of they're looks, and the thought of being physical with someone makes me feel queasy. Not only that, but I've been in a relationship before and even then I never felt that way. I have no plans to jump ahead and label myself so soon but it just feels really disconnecting when everyone in my class (who are younger than me) are starting to feel like this.

Re: Asexual ?¿?¿

Hey @Blurryphaced
This is a really interesting topic - thank you for bringing it up!


I too feel awkward when people talk about how "hot" they think other people - celebs, peers, are too. I also don't fully understand the whole boy crazy thing or that attraction people have where they want to be all over another person. Like sure I like to feel close to people and be near them and hugs are good, but touching constantly... I don't know. It's also weird because I've never really had a strong desire to be sexual with someone, whether that is because I just haven't found someone I like or if it's just who I am I don't know.


I think it is so wise of you to say that you don't want to "jump ahead and label myself so soon"! But I can also see how it can feel disconnecting to not feel the same way as your peers and friends.


I wanted to link you to this fact sheet on understanding your sexuality as well as this list of LGBTQI support services we have. I have heard good things about QLife so I've linked them, although they are in the support services link too!


I'm also going to tag @N1ghtW1ng @lokifish @scared01 @mrmusic for some input as well Smiley Happy

I hope this helps Smiley Happy

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Re: Asexual ?¿?¿

Hey there @Blurryphaced! Sorry this is so late! Uni's been a trial Smiley Tongue

I completely understand how you feel. I'm asexual myself, but like @Bee mentioned it's absolutely okay to not want to label yourself yet. More often than not, our attractions and feelings change as we get older and it is totally normal for that to happen. It's always your choice how you want to identify and your feelings are never wrong.

I wanted to add that it is 100% okay to not feel attracted to anyone and to feel uncomfortable or queasy when thinking of getting physical. Even if that changes when you get older, it's still okay Smiley Happy

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