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Hey guys, I thought I'd post this in a different section as I know a lot of us are studying.


My question is, when you're completeing assessments, does anyone else ever get to a point where they are finding the task instensely overwhelming?

I've had the assessment explained by the class teacher, and have done a couple questions, but as a whole it is overwhelming me. I just can't seem to focus on it. I'm in procastination plus.

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Assessments

hey @Bee 


sometimes i feel a bit like that if i start studying and i'm in the wrong mindset... it's kind of like trying to exercise when you're not in the mood! if my head isn't clear and i'm not mentally ready to study, then i feel like i just can't get anything "right". answering questions takes lots more effort... and time!


i know now if i'm feeling like that i should take a break and come back to my study later. i give myself half an hour to go and do whatever i want (like talk to a friend, watch tv or check facebook) and then when i'm done im ready to get stuck into my work.


have you tried taking a break from your study then returning to it later?


otherwise, if you're finding it hard to really commit to the assignment why don't you just focus on finishing one or two questions a day? if you work out your time frame to complete the assignment, then you can see how much time you have and how much you can break it up. tackling things in small parts is always easier... and it makes you feel better when you get a question done! Smiley Happy


Re: Assessments

I have found some assessments overwhelming and some not so much. The ones I have not found overwhelming have been the ones where I've started basically as early as possible. Spaced it out and worked on it regularly instead of trying to quickly finish the night before. It makes me feel more in control and relaxed about the whole process.

I also try to break it down into paragraphs or questions. And then even further, ie what each sentence in a paragraph will entail. I like to do a general overview of the whole assignment and write notes under each heading to go back to.

Like probably everyone else, I have struggled with procrastination. I don't have the perfect solution I'm afraid! If I find myself procrastinating, I set an alarm for when I need to stop. I also give myself regular breaks to do the things I usually do when I'm procrastinating.

Re: Assessments

I think it helps to take the pressure off yourself and reward yourself for each small step - like having a couple of questions completed. Break the task down and find a purpose in doing it. Focus on the rewards of getting the work completed rather than thinking about how difficult it is.

Best of luck!

Re: Assessments

Oh boy, do I EVER relate to this question. I am procrastination queen. It's a terribly stressful thing! Everyone's advice about chunking stuff into little do-able bits is spot on.
The other thing which I find really helps me get started is:

* Have a clear workspace with no distractions at hand. Everytime I sit at the dining table with my books, I know it's worktime. Email alerts get turned off, phone gets put to silent.

* The pomodoro technique really helps me when I'm stuck and having trouble getting started at the beginning of the day, or after a break like lunch. It's super simple. Set a time for 20 minutes. Get started. After 20 minutes, you can take a 5 minute break. I strongly recommend spending at least 2 of those minutes walking around so your body gets a bit of break from sitting down and sitting still. Then, do another 20 minutes, and another 5 minute break. After 4 or 5 "pomodoros" you can have a longer lunch break. This helps me soo much! I actually have a free pomodoro app that I downloaded so it's super simple to do the timings.


Starting early is one of the best but hardest things to do!


Good luck!


Re: Assessments

I can absolutely relate @Bee , I'm in the busiest part of my semester right now and there's always a point where it gets overwhelming for me! Doesn't help that I'm also a major procrastinator Smiley Tongue


It sounds like you've made all the right decisions in getting help with your assignment, so great job on that. I've found that the best thing for me to do when I'm feeling stuck is to set myself daily goals, like "today I'm doing 300 words" or "today I'm finishing off this section". Even if its a tiny goal, every bit of movements helps.


Some people have said it on this thread already, but it is really important to allow yourself a mental break. It might be good for you to find something to really take your mind off of work for a little while, so you can come back to it feeling refreshed.



Re: Assessments

Hey guys,

thank you all for replying!


I have started this one relatively early considering when I started my previous ones for this semester. I've taken breaks, I've left it and come back to it. I've tidied my room and got evreything how I want it and still I'm stuck! I went back to the library and got the other books set asside for me, and managed to get one question out. That was simple enough. But when I try to tackle these other questions, procastination steps back in, and I sat down with the mindset of completeing another question! 

I've even cleaned the kitchen and moved 2 bookcases in the hosue, but still can't focus on this assessment.


@lanejane I'm trying to get it finished ASAP so I can start on the bigger ones, so I'm trying to cram it (although I do have 2 weeks to get it finished!)


@florenceforever I've started this one early, I've been working on it since Thursday! And have spent more time crying over it, procastinating and throwing books around then I've done actually completeing any work! The questions aren't too big so I don't need to break it down any further than completing one question at a time.


@Student94 Yep breaks are included. I took a break today after completeing one question, but when I've come back I can't get into it... I'm a big believer in breaks, I always have regular breaks, no matter what I'm working on, even with my portfolios, and that's just pasting bits in and designing some pages..



Clear workspace? Check. Nothing but the bare necesities there now!

I'll search the promodoro technique/app later, I'm fairly good at break taking Smiley Tongue

I've started, I think I may have hit the mid-way slump, and I'm not even half way through! 


@Chessca_H I've set small goals like that, it only worked for me this early afternoon when I sat down and completed one question... Now just trying to complete one question, any one question, I'm stuck. Unsure as to why I'm not making any progress.


I'm not quite sure why I'm not making any more progress on this assessment. I've got all the information I should need at my finger tips, I've read through some of it, and failed to find any links with some bits, but others I've found links and managed to write something, where as some I've seen a link but cannot seem to get it out or expand on it. This is only assessment #3 for hte semester, I have 4 others before end of semester/prac all due consecutive weeks once class returns...

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Assessments

Hey Bee,

I'm actually procrastinating from study right now, so this is a very relevant question for me right now Smiley Tongue! I do all of those things the others have said (e.g. break it down, take regular breaks and starting early) as a way to avoid procrastination and I generally find those work quite well for me (especially breaking it down and setting myself small goals for each day).
The other things that I try to do to increase my motivation when procrastination levels are high is studying in a group, and self-rewarding. Studying in a group works well for me as I find that if I'm with friends I'm more likely to stay on track than if I'm by myself (provided we don't go into off topic chats haha). It's also good because you can talk about answers and share resources if you're stuck.
Self-rewarding with something small (like a chocolate bar) for doing a certain amount of work (e.g. 3 questions or one page) is also a good motivator for me. I also sometimes have an overall reward of something like a new top or CD once I've finished the overall assignment as additional motivation.
Hope that helps you a little bit. Good luck!! Smiley Happy

Re: Assessments

@blithe I downloaded a couple different Pomodoro apps the other day and tried them. I actually got a fair bit of work done that way, so I'm going to try to incorporate that as a regular part of my study! Smiley Happy Thanks for the recommendation!!!

@delicatedreamer I don't have a study group as of yet, my study group of 2-3 last semester disbanded when the other 2 ladies didn't continue to the diploma (sad face). I've tried with a couple other girls, but it just isn't the same...
I like the idea of your reward process. I can try that too!

Update: On this particular assessment I've not got 3 questions left!! Between the pomodoro apps and focusing entirely on my resource kit, I've been able to sit down and nut out a few questions and then continue.
(I think I've also found a link between my study successes/struggles and my moods... )
I think overall I just needed to take my mind completely off this one assessment and try to shove it away for a few days. I'm feeling a bit more confident about finishing it now (just not so about how good my answers are Smiley Tongue )
Thank you all for your help & advice!!

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Assessments

Yay! That's awesome @Bee - you study machine!